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September, 2021

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We have some very relaxed news for you: Maltstock 2021 is on!

Last year we obviously could not do Maltstock. You have very relaxed kept your ticket for this year. Safe and relaxed!

And we still have some tickets available in our webshop:

The safety of our crew and our guests is our number one priority. We will only host Maltstock if we can do it in a safe and relaxed way. And of course, it’s also important we can have a normal Maltstock. So no social distancing rules and a very relaxed program. We have a green light for both now! We are really looking forward to seeing you all again in September!

How will this be safe and relaxed?

With the current regulations in place regarding covid-19 in the Netherlands we can make sure we can provide a safe and relaxed Maltstock. We can create a safe, relaxed bubble. This means EVERYBODY on the Maltstock premisses will have to be either vaccinated or have had a recent negative covid test. Nobody will be allowed on the premisses if they can’t show either one of these. And with nobody we mean absolutely nobody. No exceptions. The safety of our crew and guests is our number one priority.

How does it work?

If you have been vaccinated, you can simply register it in the Corona check app. When you arrive at Maltstock you will have to to show the Corona check app.

If you not have had your vaccination yet you can get tested before you arrive at Maltstock. If you get negative result you can enter it in the corona app.

More information, in Dutch and English, look here:

Please note this is how the current regulations work. Of course we will keep you updated if anything changes.

We are so looking forward to share a few drams and stories with you all. That’s what Maltstock is all about. Meeting old and new friends, in a very relaxed way. Over the next few weeks we will be working on a very relaxed program. We will keep you updated through our newsletters and of course our Facebook page (you’ll probably will see a slight increase in our postings over the next few weeks…).

Maltstock 2021 tickets

Almost everyone who had already bought a ticket for last year’s edition has kept it for this year. But fear not, we still have a few more tickets available. You can get yours and be relaxed again now in our webshop:

In a very unlikely worst case scenario where we would have to postpone Maltstock once again, your ticket will remain valid for a future edition. Because of the corona app, which helps to make sure everyone is safe, events are not likely to be cancelled anytime soon though.

I know I’m repeating myself, but we will only host Maltstock is we can do it in a safe and relaxed way!

Maltstock 20201 is 10 – 12 September

If you have any questions, please just contact us. See you all in September!

Stay healthy stay relaxed!

Annette, Bob, Klaas, Stan & Teun


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