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Bladnoch Distillery stellt die Master Distiller’s Collection The Wave vor

Die neue limitierte Serie präsentiert die fünf Säulen der Whiskyherstellung

Im vergangenen Monat erschien mit der Bladnoch Waterfall 05 2024 Edition der fünfte, letzte und abschließende Teil der Waterfall Edition der Lowland-Destillerie (wir berichteten). Mit der von Bladnoch Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage ins Leben gerufen Serie zeigte die Brennerei, wie durch unterschiedliche Reifung einen ganz anderen Charakter bei gleichem Spirit erreicht werden kann.

Dieser Reihe folgt nun die The Wave, die fünfteilige limitierte Master Distiller’s Collection wird den Vermählungsprozess von Whiskyfässern demonstrieren. Hierfür wählte Dr. Nick Savage fünf 1.500 Liter fassende Amontillado-Sherryfässer aus, die mit Whiskys aus verschiedenen Fassarten-Kombinationen gefüllt wurden. Für Wave I: Time & Maturation wurde das erste Amontillado-Sherryfass – es war mit einer Kombination ehemaliger Bourbonfässer befüllt – ausgewählt, dieser Whisky wurde anschließend mit dem verbleibenden Whisky der Waterfall 05 2024 Edition der ersten Master Distiller’s Collection vermählt. Dieser einzigartige Ansatz, so heißt es in der englischsprachigen Pressemitteilung, die Sie im Anschluss finden, verbindet beide Serien in einer unendlichen Whisky-Reise.

Bladnoch Wave I: Time & Maturation ist mit 53,8 % vol. abgefüllt, nicht kühlgefiltert und hat seine natürliche Farbe. Die Auflage ist in Anlehnung an das Gründungsjahr der Brennerei auf 1.817 Flaschen limitiert und hat einen empfohlenen Verkaufspreis von £150 (ca. 175 €). Sie ist exklusiv in Großbritannien und Australien unter erhältlich.

Hier die englischsprachige Presseaussendung mit allen weiteren Details zu neue Blodnoch-Serie The Wave und der ersten Abfüllung Bladnoch Wave I: Time & Maturation:

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Bladnoch Distillery unveils The Wave – a new limited-edition series showcasing the five pillars of whisky making

Bladnoch, Scotland’s southernmost whisky distillery, has launched The Wave, the second chapter within the Master Distiller’s Collection.

The Wave is a five-part limited-edition series which demonstrates the marrying process of whisky casks, with each annual release revealing one of the five whisky making pillars used by master distiller, Dr Nick Savage.

Released today (4 June 2024), Wave I: Time & Maturation epitomises Bladnoch’s method of selecting casks at the peak time in their maturation process to ensure optimal flavours in the whisky.

The Wave is a natural progression from The Waterfall Series, which concluded with the release of Bladnoch Waterfall 05 2024 which was unveiled at the distillery’s annual Waterfall Day festival in May. Both The Waterfall Series and The Wave form part of Bladnoch’s Master Distiller’s Collection.

To embark on The Wave journey, Dr Nick Savage selected five 1,500 litre Amontillado sherry tuns. Each tun is filled with whiskies from various combinations of cask types to marry together from the distillery’s 207-year-old bluestone warehouses. Each year the cask types will be revealed and depict another pillar of Bladnoch whisky making. The remaining whisky will be decanted into the following year’s tun, creating a common thread and a wave effect throughout the series, with the fifth and final release featuring components from the full collection.

Under Nick’s exceptional care, the first Amontillado sherry tun used to craft Wave I: Time & Maturation was filled with a combination of remarkable ex-bourbon casks from Bladnoch’s maturing stocks and married with the remaining whisky from Waterfall 05 2024 Edition of the first Master Distiller’s Collection. This unique approach connects both series in an infinite whisky voyage.

Over the course of five years, each release in The Wave series will be accompanied by a music track which represents the whisky’s unique journey and signifies how each cask takes notes from the other, building year on year. The piano composition released with Wave I: Time & Maturation reflects how the whiskies develop over time.

Dr Nick Savage, Master Distiller at Bladnoch Distillery, said: “We only ever select a cask when the time is right, not because it’s old or has reached a certain age. That right ‘time’ is determined by our deep understanding of maturation dynamics. It’s the moment of peak flavour in our warehouse environment – a climate where nothing is forced.

“The Wave is a strong example of Bladnoch’s taste-first approach to whisky making and a real demonstration of our bold Galloway spirit. With these single malts, we not only strive to take people on a journey into whisky making, but also to provide them with a taste experience, aiming to challenge preconceptions and build understanding along the way.”

Bottled at 53.8% ABV, non-chill filtered and natural in colour, Wave I: Time & Maturation opens with floral pine needles, fresh cut oak on the nose and imparts notes of sweet oak and toasted coconut on the palate, with a sweet, warm, refreshing finish.

The edition is limited to 1,817 bottles in tribute to the year the distillery was founded and has an RRSP of £150. It is available exclusively in the UK and Australia from

To celebrate the new chapter in The Master Distiller’s Collection, the distillery will host Bladnoch Wave Weekend in June 2025. Details will be released first to those who purchase Wave I: Time & Maturation.

Dating back to 1817, Bladnoch Distillery is one of the oldest single malt Scotch whisky producers in the world and is enjoying a bold and powerful revival. The legacy brand has been revived in recent years by David Prior, who purchased Bladnoch Distillery in 2015 and is the first Australian businessman to own a Scotch whisky distillery.

Tasting notes

Floral, oak, sweet

Nose: Floral pine needles with fresh cut oak
Palate: Sweet oak and toasted coconut
Finish: Sweet, warm and refreshing
ABV: 53.8%

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