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Dekantā.com bietet Whiskyenthusiasten Fässer der japanischen Destillerie Kiyokawa zum Kauf an

Mit einer Fotogalerie des Whiskyfotografen Konrad Borkowski, der Farm to Bottle Destillerie und die fantastische Landschaft einfing

Der wohl weltweit größte Onlinehändler für japanischen Whisky, dekantā, bietet ab sofort Fässer der ersten Farm-to-Bottle-Destillerie Japans, Kiyokawa, zum Kauf an. Die 2019 gegründete Brennerei in den japanischen Alpen, Nagano, gilt bei uns noch nach den Worten des Onlinehändlers als Geheimtipp, hat sich aber in Japan bereits einen Namen gemacht.

Angeboten werden Marsala-Fässer und Oloroso-Fässern – Infos zu ihnen, der Destillerie und eine Fotogalerie aus Kiyokawa bringen wir nachfolgend für Sie. Die Bilder im Artikel und in der nachfolgenden Galerie stammen vom Whisky-Fotografen Konrad Borkowski, der zum ersten Mal in Japan arbeitete:

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Japan’s first and only farm to bottle whisky distillery

Independent distiller, Kiyokawa, is pioneering the evolution of Japanese whisky with its innovative farm to bottle approach that sees it grows its own barley and support local mountain farming communities at its Iiyama Mountain Farm Distillery.

July 2024

Kiyokawa, founded in 2019, is relatively unknown outside of Japan but all this is about to change as they prepare to release their very first single malt whisky next year.

Situated high up in the mountains of Nagano, known to many as the Japanese Alps, and nestled amongst Japan’s most precious and untouched scenery, rich and natural landscape, The Iiyama Mountain Farm Distillery has arguably Japan’s most stunning location.

The idea of creating whisky directly from farm to bottle was hard to achieve in Japan. Barley farming is not widespread and this, combined with the local area’s extreme alpine climate, fierce winters with heavy snowfall and hot summers, meant it would be a challenging endeavour. The Japanese Department of Agriculture said it couldn’t be done.

Against all odds, and after many failed attempts, Kiyokawa and The Iiyama Mountain Farm Distillery persisted in their pursuit of homegrown mountain barley. Finally, with the help of a local scientist, they successfully created a crossbreed of barley that would withstand the extreme conditions while holding the ideal characteristics for whisky production.

In winter, the barley lies under up to 3 metres of snow, before slowly standing back up, with its golden colour returning, once the snow has finally melted.

Working closely with local communities, those who have been growing rice for generations, Kiyokawa helped pivot such seasoned mountain farmers to achieve this, a first in Japan. This is testament to their determination to create a truly unique Japanese whisky, and their commitment to terroir.

With success on the farming front finally achieved, whisky production quickly began. The distillery installed two state of the art 5,000L potstills built by Frilli and imported directly from Italy. The distillery believes this has helped them create a truly unique spirit like nothing else being produced in the country right now.

The distillery’s rich malted barley, fresh and pure spring mountain water, matures in casks through the changing seasons, exposed to big atmospheric pressure changes and high variations in a single day, resulting in a more intense take up of the wood’s flavour and natural colour.

Kiyokawa are producing whisky matured in both Marsala casks, sourced directly from Italy, and Oloroso casks.

On top of that, they are also aiming for another industry first in Japan – maturing their whisky in a bourbon barrel that was seasoned with orange liqueur, something the master distillers have already been experimenting with.

Kiyokawa are also building a traditional Japanese washi paper production workshop so the eventual bottler may design their own label at the distillery.

“We like to think we have been as persistent as our barley when producing a quality liquid that best reflects Japan’s terroir and spirit”

David Troiano, Founder, Kiyokawa

A number of single malt whisky casks are available to purchase through dekantā, the world’s leading online retailer of fine and rare Japanese whisky. Cask purchases come with opportunities to sample the liquid, visit the distillery, and create one’s very own independent bottling of Kiyokawa single malt whisky, once the ageing requirements have been met.

What’s more, when the time finally comes, limited edition official bottle releases will be available via dekantā, while working on their very own independent bottlings of this exceptional whisky. Until then, dekantā will be keeping their customers and cask owners up to date with regular news, content, offers and updates from Kiyokawa Whisky.

Kiyokawa Whisky casks are available through

Tasting Notes

Marsala Casks – the palate is warm and sweet with notes of peach and apricot. Surprisingly enjoyable for a 62 percent ABV whisky. The finish is malty, floral, with a hint of candied ginger.

Oloroso Casks – rich and complex. There is a creaminess to the mouthfeel that brings back the sherry with lots of dark fruits like raisins, black cherries, along with chocolate sweetness.

Delightfully smooth for a cask strength whisky.

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