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Neu von der Glasgow 1770 Distillery: Glasgow 1770 Red Wine and Ruby Port Cask Finish

In diesem Small Batch Whisky aus Glasgow (auch für Deutschland) kommen jede Menge unterschiedlicher Geschmacksgeber zusammen...

Was wie zwei neue Whiskys aus der Glasgow 1770 Distillery klingt, ist in Wirklichkeit einer – und zwar der erste, in dem zwei Spirit-Stile auf unterschiedliche Art gereift und dann vermählt wurden. Der Glasgow 1770 Red Wine and Ruby Port Cask Finish, ein Bottling aus der Small Batch Serie, besteht aus getorftem Whisky, der in Virgin American Oak Fässern gereift und in Bordeaux-Fässern gefinisht wurde, sowie ein dreifach destillierter Whisky, der zunächst in First Fill ex-Bourbon Casks reifte, bevor er ein Finish in Ruby Port Fässern erhielt. 1925 Flaschen sind erhältlich, abgefüllt ist er mit satten 57,5% vol. Alkoholstärke – und er wird auch in Deutschland erhältlich sein. Sein Preis in UK: 59 Pfund.

Hier alle Infos, die wir dazu erhalten haben:

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The Glasgow Distillery has announced its latest ‘Small Batch Series’ bottling, amping up its commitment to flavour experimentation by marrying together two distinct Glasgow 1770 single malts that have undergone different maturation processes.

Glasgow 1770 Red Wine and Ruby Port Cask Finish is the first time the distillery has married together two spirit styles that have undergone two maturation styles – its Peated whisky, matured in virgin American white oak and finished in Bordeaux red wine casks and its Triple Distilled whisky, matured in first fill ex-bourbon casks and finished in ruby port casks. Both cask types were initially laid down in early 2018 and bottled in late 2022 with an ABV of 57.5%.

A limited run of 1925 bottles is now available, with the distillery upping the number of available bottles compared to previous releases to meet the demand after the success of its Tequila, Cognac, Innis & Gunn beer and Tokaji wine cask finishes which all sold out soon after release.

“The foundation of our Small Batch Series has always been about pushing the boundaries of flavour profiles in whisky and our Glasgow 1770 Red Wine and Ruby Port Cask Finish takes this to the next level, marking our first foray into combining two distinct spirit styles with two distinct maturation processes.
“Married together in equal parts, our smoky peated and our smooth triple distilled whisky, finished in Bordeaux red wine casks and ruby port casks respectively. The peated whisky element offers a crisp, fruity and smoky experience while the triple distilled element contributes a lighter and smoother style with notes of summer berries and bright spice.
Together, they harmoniously combine and balance beautifully, jointly offering notes of red berries and dark fruits on the nose, toasted almonds and tobacco on the palate and a long and spicy finish with hints of pink peppercorns.
“The response to previous limited runs in our Small Batch Series has been great, so we’ve increased the availability for this release to make it more accessible to our customers around the world.”

Mike Hayward, Founder of The Glasgow Distillery

Glasgow 1770 Red Wine and Ruby Port Cask Finish was created by the whisky making team at The Glasgow Distillery, in a project led by Mike Hayward – showcasing the distillery’s commitment to the true collaboration at the heart of its craft.

Glasgow 1770 Red Wine and Ruby Port Cask Finish is housed in the distillery’s signature, industrial bottle and is available to order now from the distillery website and selected specialist retailers in the UK. This limited release will soon be available in Germany, Taiwan, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy.

Tasting notes:

Married together in equal parts before bottling at 57.5% ABV, non-chill filtered and natural in colour, this is a limited release of 1925 bottles.

Nose: Notes of red berries and dark fruits
Palate: Toasted almonds, and rich tobacco leaf
Finish: Long and spicy with hints of pink peppercorns

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