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PR: Erste Destillerie nach der Prohibition in Manhattan eröffnet – Great Jones Distilling Co. begrüßt Gäste

Die Brennerei produziert Bourbon und Rye und bietet Führungen und Tastings an - in Manhattan

Zwar kann man als Privater wegen der Pandemie nach wie vor nicht aus Europa in die USA einreisen, aber sollte das in absehbarer Zeit wieder möglich werden, haben wir hier einen Grund für Sie, eine Reise nach New York zu planen. Dort hat nämlich zum ersten Mal nach der Prohibition wieder eine Destillerie eröffnet, gegründet von Juan Domingo Beckmann, der auch Proximo Spirits besitzt – jenes Unternehmen, das zum Beispiel den Proper No. Twelve® Irish Whiskey von Conor McGregor.

Great Jones Distilling Co. produziert in Manhattan auf über 2500 Quadratmetern nach über sechs Jahren Planungs- und Bauzeit sowohl Bourbon als auch Rye (und das ausschließlich mit Getreide aus der näheren Umgebung von New York) – und hat auch ein Besucherzentrum samt Tasting-Bar und geführten Touren sowie ein Restaurant mit einer Speakeasy-Bar errichtet.

Die nachfolgende englischsprachige Information führt sie in die Geschichte dieses Unternehmens ein, erzählt über die dort produzierten Whiskeys und die Angebote für Besucher:

Encompassing 28,000 square feet, the site offers a working distillery producing Great Jones Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, a tour and tasting bar experience, a restaurant and a speakeasy

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2021– For more than 100 years, no whiskey distillery has called Manhattan its home. That changes this summer as Great Jones Distilling Co., Manhattan’s first and only legal whiskey distillery since Prohibition, opens its doors in NoHo.

Akin to other New York City architectural projects, Great Jones Distilling Co. is a feat of ingenuity. The six-year construction journey has overcome rigid city regulations, centuries-old fire codes and a global pandemic to deliver a new spirit to the city and give New Yorkers their own whiskey distillery. The result is now a 28,000 square-foot space located at 686 Broadway, which encompasses a custom-built and engineered distillery where people can enjoy distillery tours and tasting experiences starting Saturday, August 21, as well as a restaurant, speakeasy and event venue, which will open starting in September. 

Great Jones Distilling Co. was founded by Proximo Spirits and the passionate vision of owner and 11th generation spirits maker Juan Domingo Beckmann. The idea was born from the belief that the best spirits should be the embodiment of their origins, threading the history of bourbon in New York to the present day. To celebrate the best that New York has to offer, the whiskies are made exclusively with grains grown in the rich ebony soil of the Black Dirt region less than two hours north of Manhattan in Upstate New York. Great Jones whiskies are smooth, balanced and complex with a distinctive spiciness characteristic of the New York-grown grains from which they are made. More spice, less sweet – more New York.

„The opening of Great Jones Distilling Co. represents a landmark moment for spirits and New York City history, bringing the craft of whiskey distillation back to Manhattan after 100 years. For 11 generations my family has crafted some of the world’s leading spirits, and we are proud to introduce a bourbon that truly embodies the best of New York State ingredients and the ‚lightning in a bottle‘ energy of Manhattan. The Great Jones Distillery will give the city a new spirits legacy, and is dedicated to the resiliency and hustle that New Yorkers have shown to the world over this past year.“

Juan Domingo Beckmann, Founder of Great Jones Distilling Co. and Proximo Spirits

With the opening of Great Jones Distilling Co. comes the introduction of three new whiskies: Great Jones Straight Bourbon, Great Jones Four Grain Bourbon and Great Jones Rye Whiskey. The three signature liquids are made from 100% New York-sourced grain, and have been aging for the past five years in new charred American oak barrels in upstate New York in preparation for the distillery opening. 

The building of the expansive distillery space, designed in partnership with Groundswell Design Group, conquered many unique challenges. Located in an area of the city with a rich history from the Prohibition era, the 82-year-old building had to be reinforced deep below ground to support the custom combination copper pot still with two columns housed on the second floor, navigating the subway system that runs below the building. During the renovation, a secret tunnel was discovered, thought to be used to transport whiskey and other spirits under the streets of New York. This tunnel now runs directly behind the speakeasy set to open this fall.  

„As New York City enters a new era of hospitality and entertainment, the experience at Great Jones Distilling Co. brings renewed energy and employment opportunities to the NoHo neighborhood,“ said Mike Keyes, President & Chief Executive Officer of Proximo Spirits. „Great Jones Distilling Co. will create more than 100 new jobs, supporting the much needed recovery and resurgence of the hospitality industry. We look forward to opening our doors this summer to New Yorkers and tourists looking for unique ways to enjoy time together again,“ continued Keyes.

At Great Jones Distilling Co., visitors will be able to enjoy:

  • Distillery tours and guided whiskey tastings and experiences.
  • The Restaurant at Great Jones (opening in September): helmed by Executive Chef Adam Raksin, a refined yet approachable culinary experience offering a contemporary menu focused on locally sourced New York ingredients.
  • The Speakeasy: This intimate underground speakeasy spot will offer a restaurant and exclusive tasting menu.
  • The Lounge: An exclusive enclave for guests as well as private events.
  • The Shop: The three signature spirits and a curated selection of Great Jones merchandise from New York-based makers and beyond will be available for purchase.

Great Jones Distilling Co. will be open every Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 10:00 p.m., starting August 21.  Please check the website www.greatjonesdistillingco.com for timeframe updates. Distillery tours will be offered for those 21+ and are available for booking at https://greatjonesdistillingco.com/book-your-visit/.

The Great Jones Distilling Co. Whiskies:

  • Great Jones Straight Bourbon Whiskey (SRP $40, 86 proof) is a light-to-medium-bodied bourbon with notes of creamy vanilla and a peppery finish. Made with corn, malted barley and rye, and aged a minimum of four years in new charred American oak barrels.
  • Great Jones Four Grain Bourbon (SRP $50 90 proof) is a well-balanced, medium-bodied and oaky bourbon with a buttery palate and smooth finish. Made with corn, malted barley, rye and wheat, and aged a minimum of four years in new charred American oak barrels.
  • Great Jones Rye Whiskey (SRP $40, 90 proof) is complex enough to enjoy neat, yet perfect for cocktails. Layered with notes of vanilla, dried fruit from the orchard and iconic rye pepper, it’s a spicy love letter to New York’s hardiest grain. Made with 100% rye grain and aged a minimum of four years in new charred American oak barrels.

Today, the whiskey is distilled at the distillery in New York City, and aged in new charred American Oak barrels upstate at its sister distillery, Black Dirt. Great Jones Four Grain Bourbon and Great Jones Rye Whiskey are both sold exclusively at the distillery while Great Jones Straight Bourbon Whiskey is sold both on-site at the distillery as well as at bars and retailers in New York and New Jersey.

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