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Glenlivet startet neue globale Kampagne ‚Original Since 1824‘ (mit Video)

Immer wieder Regeln brechen um Neues zu schaffen - das ist die Kernaussage der Kampagne

Eine neue globale Werbekampagne von Glenlivet unter dem Motto ‚Original Since 1824‘ soll die Fähigkeit von Glenlivet in den Mittelpunkt stellen, durch das Brechen von Traditionen neue Standards bei Whisky zu setzen – und das seit 1824.

Dazu hat man bei Glenlivet einen neuen Imagefilm produziert, der dieses Brechen von Traditionen sehr effektvoll in Szene setzt. Sie können ihn gleich untenstehend sehen – und danach die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung dazu lesen. Die Kampagne soll noch diese Woche in den USA starten:

New Global Campaign Celebrates The Glenlivet’s History Of Breaking Tradition

The Glenlivet looks to open the single malt Scotch category by challenging conventions

NEW YORKNov. 4, 2019 – The Glenlivet unveils its new global advertising campaign today, ‚Original Since 1824,‘ as part of the brand’s global ambition to open up the single malt Scotch category.

The ‚Original Since 1824‘ campaign demonstrates a mindset of ‚originality‘ which has seen The Glenlivet breaking traditions to set new standards in whisky since 1824. The campaign showcases the bold and vibrant world of Scotch and encourages the enjoyment of single malt outside the confines of traditional conventions – pushing the single Malt Scotch into the modern era.

The high-energy film which takes viewers on a journey through the brand’s pioneering heritage, venturing back to its beginning where founder and true original, George Smith, became the first in the glen* to legally distil whisky nearly 200 years ago. The opening scene sees George Smith back in 1824 in Scotland, establishing himself as an original thinker and defining the Speyside style of whisky, where The Glenlivet began.

Viewers are then transported to the U.S. during the 1920’s where The Glenlivet was one of the first single malt Scotches shipped to the country prior to Prohibition. The ad also takes a playful look at the failure of Prohibition to repress alcohol consumption in the United States.

Fast forward to the 1950s, where The Glenlivet was part of a movement to try to break the stereotype of Scotch being seen as a drink exclusively for wealthy men. The viewer then heads to the 1980s to see the shock and outrage adding ice to single malt was causing amongst traditional whisky drinkers. The final scene sees The Glenlivet today taking Scotch out of the home and office environment and setting new standards in bars across the world, inviting all adults to enjoy single malt whisky as part of a cocktail in a social setting.

„Throughout the course of decades, The Glenlivet has always encouraged single malt Scotch to move with the times, just as our founder George Smith wanted — our new campaign celebrates our pioneering heritage and showcases that we will continue to break conventions to set new standards in everything we do,“ said Sona Bajaria, Vice President of The Glenlivet U.S.

The „Original Since 1824“ campaign will launch in the U.S. this week across key media touchpoints. The campaign launch coincides with the release of The Glenlivet’s new modern and vibrant packaging. The Glenlivet’s new look features bold color references throughout the campaign and blends the rich heritage of the iconic Speyside distillery with contemporary designs to reflect the forward-thinking brand it is today. To learn more about The Glenlivet please visit

Photo credit: string_bass_dave on / CC BY-SA

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