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GreatDrams veröffentlicht ’The Summer of Sport’

Die Abfüllung möchte der passende Whisky zu den anstehenden Sportereignisse in diesem Sommer sein

Wir erleben in diesem Sommer, wie GreatDrams in ihrer Presseaussendung schreibt, „nicht nur die üblichen Sommer-Schmankerl wie die Open Championship und Wimbledon, sondern kommen auch in den Genuss der Fußball-Europameisterschaft 2024 in Deutschland sowie der Olympischen Spiele in Paris. Darüber hinaus gibt es noch jede Menge mehr!“
Mit ’The Summer of Sport’ stellt hierzu GreatDrams heute den passenden Blended Scotch Whisky vor, der 10 Jahre alte, im Sherryfass gereifte Blend liefert „Aromen von klebrigen Datteln, Rosinen und Untertönen von süßem Sherry“. The GreatDrams Summer of Sport kann über die GreatDrams-Website bezogen werden, mehr in der folgenden Pressemitteilung:

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GreatDrams has launched the ultimate whisky to celebrate with ’The Summer of Sport’.

Why ‘The Summer of Sport’?

Inspiration has been taken from the success of other GreatDrams flavour and occasion-led releases “which is seeing our customers buying for occasions as well as great quality and taste” says Kirsty Dillon, GreatDrams co-founder.

The Summer of Sport is released to mark exactly that. Not only do we have the usual summer treats such as the Open Championship and Wimbledon, we also get to enjoy football’s Euro 2024 tournament in Germany, as well as the Olympic Games in Paris. There’s also heaps more besides!

When Greg and Kirsty, founders of GreatDrams, were looking at their release schedule “It just makes perfect sense,” said Greg Dillon, “sport is a big part of our lives, as is whisky so we put the two together.”
Kirsty continues “When selecting the casks we knew it had to be vibrant yet smooth and have the ability to stand up when made into cocktails – because who doesn’t love a summer cocktail?”

‘The Summer of Sport’ release is a 10 Year Old sherry cask matured blend with aromas of sticky dates, raisins and undertones of sweet sherry. Delve a little deeper with that first sip, and there are more sweet sherry notes, complimented beautifully by crisp orchard fruits, sweet Madagascan vanilla, and a hint of oak. The finish is smooth, mature, and full of character.

Serving suggestions

Serve one – The Highball
50ml poured into a tall glass over ice. Pour over fresh soda and stir the whisky and the ice for 45 seconds to balance it out. Garnish your Highball with a squeeze of refreshing fresh lemon.

Serve two – The Boulevardier
Into a mixing glass and ice, add 60ml whisky, 30ml Campari, and 30ml sweet vermouth and stir well. Pour the mixture into a tumbler with more fresh ice, garnish with a slice of orange peel, sip, and discover just how difficult it is to just have the one!

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