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Dunnet Bay Distillers (Stannergill Whisky) mit Update zum neuen Jahr

Der Umbau der alten Mühle hat begonnen, und auch die Stlls sind schon bestellt - die Gründer geben einen Einblick in weitere Pläne

Die Dunnet Bay Distillers In Castletown im Norden Schottlands haben gestern auf ihrer Webseite Infos zu ihren Plänen im Jahr 2023 gepostet. Vor einiger Zeit hat man ja die ersten Whiskyfässer des geplanten Stannergill Whiskys über Whisky Hammer an interessierte Investoren abgegeben (wir berichteten), nun setzt man die Pläne weiter in die Realität um. So ist man beim Umbau der alten Mühle zumindest schon soweit, dass das erste Warehouse kurz vor der Fertigstellung steht. Und auch die Stills sind bereits bestellt.

Mehr über den Status quo und die Pläne hier, einige weitere Fotos finden Sie beim Originalbeitrag.

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Castletown Mill and Stannergill Whisky into 2023

We are now in the New Year and we thought it was a timely time to bring you a wee update on how our plans are progressing with restoring the old Castletown Mill into the home of Stannergill Whisky.  Since the launch of the website early in November 2022, we have been busy packaging up lots of orders and speaking to people about their preferred type of cask.  We have received so many encouraging words of support and the belief in this project is fantastic. 

In September 2022 we opened our doors to offer a Hard Hat Tour to those interested in seeing the old building.  Plans were afoot to host another in October, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and it had to be cancelled.  We are aiming to offer these style of tours more frequently in the coming year so look for the opportunity to have a peak around the building as it currently stands.

The warehouse at the back of the mill is nearing completion and we are in the final stages of having the utilities connected.  We had an exciting moment this week when a disused hydro pole in front of the mill was removed – for all the size of a pole it has made an amazing difference to the openness of the view!  As you now drive through the ‘planting’ alongside Castletown Mill you may well notice something missing, as the view of the sand dunes is suddenly much clearer in focus.

One of the most obvious aspects of the project is that the old mill building requires a new roof!  If you would like to be part of this project then why not Sponsor a Roof Tile on the building?  When you sponsor a roof tile we will send you a beautiful Slate Coaster, created by Norse Stone, and in time the co-ordinates of the tile on our roof – meaning when you visit the mill you can take pride in trying to spot your tile!

There are further opportunities to be involved with the restoration and support our project. Our 1818 Society offers a fabulous opportunity to invest in a Limited Edition bottle with an exclusive label designed by Lisa Poulson of Inspired by Caithness.  This first release of Stannergill Whisky is a special edition and will only be sent to our 1818 Society members when it is aged 5 years old.

As we move in to 2023 we are feeling very positive about the year ahead, we know it will bring many challenges but we are super supported by a fabulous team of experts.  As the current custodians of the mill we look forward to embracing these challenges and adding our chapter in to the rich history of the mill.

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