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Endlich da: Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength 2021 Edition

Er hätte eigentlich schon im letzten Jahr erscheinen sollen - aber jetzt ist er endlich ab dieser Woche im Handel erhältlich

Er wurde eigentlich für letztes Jahr geplant, aber es hat bis 2022 gedauert, bis er auf den Markt kommen kann: Der Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength 2021 Edition ist ab dieser Woche weltweit bei den Händler verfügbar. 18.282 Flaschen wurden mit 58,3% vol. abgefüllt – im Gegensatz zum normalen Machir Bay, der auf 46% vol. reduziert wird. Damit kommt seine Torfnote (50ppm) auch kräftiger durch.

Das schreibt die Destillerie über ihn:

Back by popular demand, the Machir Bay Cask Strength is set for it’s latest edition! With new look packaging, the cask strength release will be hitting shelves just in time for the cold winter nights.

Delayed from its scheduled release last year, the 2021 Machir Bay Cask Strength is finally here (in 2022). This limited edition is made using the same vatting recipe as our regular Machir Bay bottling however rather than reducing the strength to 46% abv we have released a limited number of bottles at cask strength; 58.3% abv. The higher abv allows for the quality and intensity of the Kilchoman spirit to shine.

Und ein paar Worte von Gründer Anthony Wills:

“Machir Bay at cask strength has such intense flavours, the tropical fruit on the nose jumps out of the glass and the citrus sweetness on the palate is so concentrated and powerful. Cask strength whiskies are such a pure representation of a distillery and maturation, they are hard to beat.”

Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder

Zum Abschluss haben wir auch die originalen Tasting Notes für Sie:

Nose: Opens with light, fruity notes influenced by our distillation. Being cask strength allows for intense waves of fresh green apple followed by candied tropical fruits. Lasting hints of dry, earthy peat smoke become the backbone for this release.

Palate: Noticeably powerful at cask strength allowing for a concentrated palate combining citrus notes of lemon and orange peel. As the whisky opens it reveals a dominant honeycomb-sweetness that makes way for a profile driven by milk chocolate, provided by a Bourbon-rich maturation.

Finish: A slight cracked black pepper spice combined with nutmeg. The oily, rich texture of this whisky delivers an increasingly smoky influence. Overall, a unique balance of heavily peated malt, slow distillation, and oak character.

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