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M&H Distillery mit neuer „Art&Craft“ Serie

Sechs Abfüllungen mit in Ex-Bierfässern gereiften Single Malt Whiskys bilden den Auftakt - Chocolate Porter Beer Cask und Ex-Islay IPA Cask erscheinen auf dem deutschen Markt

Die M&H Distillery aus Tel Aviv stellt heute ihre neue „Art&Craft“-Single-Malt-Whisky-Serie vor, die ab sofort in Deutschland, The Niederlande und Belgien erhältlich ist. Die erste Kollektion der „Art&Craft“-Reihe präsentiert sechs in Ex-Bierfässern gereifte Single Malt Whiskys: DoppelBock Beer Cask, Barely Wine Cask, Stout Beer Cask, Belgian Ale Beer Cask, Chocolate Porter Beer Cask und Ex-Islay IPA Cask, wobei letztere Bedein auf dem deutschen Markt erscheinen werden. Im Frühjahr 2023 erscheint dann der nächste Teil der Serie, hier werden die Single Matls der M&H Distillery in ehemaligen israelischen Weinfässern reifen.
Weitere Details zu den neuen Abfüllungen der M&H Distillery in der folgenden englischsprachigen Presseaussendung:

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Tel Aviv – October 6, 2022: M&H Distillery, Israel’s award-winning whisky distillery, announces the official launch of the “Art&Craft” single malt whisky series, the distillery’s new signature limited editions of forward-thinking whiskies, available now in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

The first collection of the “Art&Craft” series presents six single malt whiskies matured in ex-beer casks:
DoppelBock Beer Cask, Barely Wine Cask, Stout Beer Cask, Belgian Ale Beer Cask, Chocolate Porter Beer Cask and ex-Islay IPA cask.

The “Art&Craft” series reinforces M&H Distillery’s continued commitment to experimentation and innovation without compromising craftsmanship and tradition. Matured in the unique Mediterranean climate at the Tel Aviv-based distillery and crafted by Head Distiller Tomer Goren, the “Art&Craft” series showcases M&H Distillery’s ongoing research and forward-thinking innovation with unusual casks complemented by Israel’s rich terroir.

Tomer Goren, M&H Distillery’s head distiller, explains, “As a Tel Aviv-based craft distillery, we are constantly thinking about how we can bring new bold and unique concepts to the table; our philosophy is to think outside the box. Four years ago, we approached six different local breweries, and together with the brewmaster at each brewery, we selected beers to mature in our whiskey casks. Each beer has a distinct scent and flavor, and each limited edition of whisky aged in various ex-beer casks is one-of-a-kind. The second Art&Craft collection will focus on chosen local Israeli wineries that we worship, will be released in Spring 2023 and you will be able to taste whisky matured in ex-Israeli wine casks. Chocolate Porter Beer Cask and ex-Islay IPA cask are the two editions to hit the shelves in the German market.

Chocolate Porter Beer Cask is a single malt whisky that was fully matured in three ex-beer casks from the Israeli Shapiro Brewery located in the German colony neighborhood in Jerusalem. These originally ex-bourbon casks that were used to mature the M&H spirit, granted to Shapiro and in-turn used for the maturation of the Shapiro Chocolate Stout Beer, which is characterized by powerful notes of dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and toasted oak. After 6 months, the beer was extracted and bottled, and the casks returned to M&H, re-filled and matured to perfection for 4 years.

Ex-Islay IPA Beer Cask is a single malt whisky that has been fully aged in three ex-beer casks from Israel’s renowned Dictator Beer Company. These casks, which were originally ex-Islay casks granted to Dictator by M&H, were then used to mature the Dictator Peated IPA, the brand’s very final edition, which is distinguished by apparent peat, aromatic, bitter, and citric hops aromas. The beer was extracted after 4-6 months, and the casks were returned to M&H, re-filled, and aged to perfection for 3 years.

Retail price for the Chocolate Porter Beer Cask and the ex-Islay IPA Beer Cask is 75 euros.
M&H Distillery’s spirits are distributed in Germany by Kammer-Kirsch.

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