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Shilton Almeida (ehemals Paul John) wird neuer Global Brand Ambassador bei der Milk & Honey Distillery

Er wurde auch bei den Icons of Whisky als "Highly Commended World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year for 2021" ausgezeichnet

Wenn man Whiskymessen besucht hat, ist man an ihm nicht vorbeigekommen: Shilton Almeida war im deutschen Sprachraum für die Whiskys der Paul John Distillery, der Brennerei aus der Region Goa an der indischen Westküste, als Brand Ambassador tatig. Nun wechselt er als Global Brand Ambassador zur M&H Distillery, der Milk and Honey Distillery aus Tel Aviv.

Wir wünsche Shilton Almeida viel Freude und viel Erfolg in seiner neuen Position, die in der nachfolgenden Pressemitteilung aus Israel näher beleuchtet wird:

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Ex-Paul John Whisky’s Regional Manager, Shilton Almeida, Joins M&H Distillery

Tel Aviv – December 2021 — Shilton Almeida, formerly of Paul John’s Whisky, joins the M&H Distillery as the Global Brand Ambassador.

Almeida will bring to the Tel Aviv-based distillery a decade of experience in retail sales, marketing, and branding, as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise. For more than six years, Almeida worked as a Regional Manager for John Distilleries, focusing on sales, marketing, and branding for Paul John Whisky in the United Kingdom and Europe. Shilton Almeida has been named Icons of Whisky – Highly Commended World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year for 2021.

“Almeida’s experience, passion, and understanding of the industry will undoubtedly be a huge asset as we look forward to a busy year ahead,”

Gal Kalkshtein, founder and owner of the M&H Distillery

“I’ve been in love with M&H since they released their Young Single Malt, which I first tried in Frankfurt and got me all excited about the future there.” said Almeida. “It’s fascinating to see what the team is doing in those climatic conditions in Israel. It is a privilege to be a part of this fantastic team”.

M&H finalizes the year with great enthusiasm, winning top honors including “Craft Producer of the Year” in Whisky Magazine’s 2021 Icons of Whisky (Rest of World), and after successfully launching its APEX series, the distillery’s signature core line of innovative, forward-thinking bold whiskies. M&H is currently presenting worldwide its most exciting release, the APEX Dead Sea, the first single malt whisky matured in the lowest place on earth, where temperatures climbing as high as 55 ºc.

About M&H Distillery

M&H Distillery (Milk & Honey), established in 2012 by entrepreneur and investor Gal Kalkstein, is Israel’s first whisky distillery and produces high-quality distillates in Tel Aviv. All raw materials, equipment, casks and processes were selected to ensure that the final product – whether white distillates or aged whisky – meets the highest quality standards. M&H Distillery received guidance and advice from the late Dr. Jim Swan, a world-renowned master distiller. All the products of the distillery are kosher.

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