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Paiverse veröffentlicht Penderyn Whisky NFT-Flasche in limitierter Auflage

Nur 25 Exemplare werden erhältlich sein – Die Abfüllung ist eine der ältesten Whiskys der Penderyn Distillery, die je abgefüllt wurden bringt gemeinsam mit der walisischen Penderyn Distillery einen NFT (Non-fungible Token) für einen Single Malt Whisky auf den Markt. Der Penderyn Welsh Single Malt Whisky stammt aus einem der frühesten Fässer der Brennerei, reift seit Januar 2002 (etwas mehr als ein Jahr, nachdem Penderyn mit der Destillation begonnen hat) und ist damit eine der ältesten Whiskys der Penderyn Distillery, die je abgefüllt wurden. Die Auflage dieser besonderen Abfüllung liegt bei 25, am 7. Dezember geht sie in den digitalen Public Sale, der Preis ist mit 1.62 ETH angegeben (Stand heute: etwa 1.900 €). Weitere Details finden Sie auf der Website nftdropsradar und in der folgenden englischsprachigen Pressemitteilung, die wir heute erhielten:

PresseartikelFür den Inhalt ist das Unternehmen verantwortlich

Whisky Goes Digital! Paiverse Release LIMITED EDITION Penderyn Whisky NFT Bottle are launching a landmark NFT (Non-fungible token) for a single malt whisky and have partnered with Welsh whisky giants Penderyn Distillery, to release a whisky from one of the first batches from this exceptional distillery.

Paiverse are set to unleash the NFT single malt as part of an extremely limited run – meaning it’ll be a bottle that worldwide whisky aficionados, as well as Penderyn enthusiasts, will want to get their hands on. The clue’s in ‘limited run’, however – only 25 people will be able to get their hands on this exceptional release!

“As pioneers in the World Whisky industry, we’re excited to partner with Penderyn Distillery to launch our first NFT Whisky bottle,” says Steve Ariyan, Co-Founder of Paiverse.

Stephen Davies, CEO of Penderyn Distillery added “This is the oldest Penderyn Whisky we’ve released to date and is limited to 25 bottles, making this a truly exceptional collectors’ release. This rare and exclusive Penderyn Welsh Single Malt Whisky is from one of our earliest casks and has been maturing since January 2002, just over a year after Penderyn started distilling.”

The taste of history ties in with Paiverse’s epoch-making physical asset curation system. The Blockchain specialist will link the physical bottles to a truly unique digital ledger. Much like owning your own piece of NFT artwork, lucky owners of the Penderyn NFT whisky will get the chance to sample flavours that few others will be so privileged to experience likewise.

Penderyn Distillery is no stranger to creating bottles to mark historic moments and creating their own time capsules. Earlier this year, the distillery released ‘YMA O HYD, a special edition bottling marking Wales’ men’s national football team reaching the World Cup Finals for the second time ever.

They also released the popular ‘The Headliner’, used to mark the anniversary of whisky distilling laws coming into effect. Before all of this, their landmark Icons of Wales bottling, Rhiannon, caught the attention and taste buds of international experts across the globe.

This new release from Paiverse marks a true first for the spirits world, and it’ll be the maiden professional partnership for this NFT specialist, whilst also marking the end of a barnstorming year for Penderyn Distillery.

“This bottle is all the more special because it goes so far back to our origins,” says Davies. “We’ve learned a lot over the years since, but just as we never forget our home roots when we expand our lines overseas, we never forget our original house style.”

The Penderyn NFT whisky is set to be the first of its kind – which may start a chain reaction with other labels. Through Paiverse, each bottle will be legitimately recorded via Blockchain, meaning each recipient will have genuine claim to a limited-edition bottle of whisky. Further to this exceptional dram, enthusiasts are in for a treat via an exceptional one of a kind “experience”.

A lucky few will also receive a further NFT drop in the near future that will entitle them to a Distillery Special one-of-a-kind experience for up to four people led by Penderyn’s Global Brand Ambassador, at their Brecon Beacons Distillery. This will include

·   a tour of the distillery

·   a two-hour Masterclass

·   followed by a tour of the maturation warehouse

·   a chance to meet Penderyn’s Master Blender (not usually available to the public) with an opportunity to try a couple of other special whiskies from the cask.

 “This is going to be a collector’s item that will appeal to whisky fans and NFT owners alike,” added Tim Bhatnagar, Co-Founder of Paiverse.

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