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Penderyn stellt Icons of Wales No. 11 vor

Penderyn Patagonia, ein Blended Malt Whisky, entstanden in einer Zusammenarbeit der walisischen Penderyn Distillery und der patagonischen La Alazana Distillery

Der neue Blended Malt Whisky Penderyn Patagonia – die No. 11 der Serie Icons of Wales – ist eine Zusammenarbeit der walisischen Penderyn Distillery und der patagonischen La Alazana Distillery, und würdigt das walisische Erbe im Süden Argentiniens.

Denn im Süden Argentiniens existiert eine recht große walisische Gemeinde. In der Provinz Chubut leben etwa 5.000 walisischsprachige Argentinier, im ganzen Land sollen es gar 25.000 sein. Ihre Wurzeln gehen (wenigstens zum Teil) zurück auf die 153 walisischen Einwanderer, die am 28. Juli 1865 in Argentinien ankamen und hier ihr neues Leben begannen. Die Nachfahren der walisischen Einwanderer konnten ihre kulturellen Wurzeln pflegen und bewahren, so lud die walisischsprachige Gemeinschaft in Chubut Ende März 2022 Professor Brian Morgan ein. Morgan, einer der Gründer und erster Vorsitzender von Penderyn Whiskey, hielt dort einen Vortrag über die Marke Penderyn. Und er traf sich mit den Eigentümern der La Alazana Distillery, die 600 km aus den Anden entfernt angereist waren, um für die Verkostung eine größere Auswahl an Single Malt Whiskys anzubieten. Daraus entstanden ist dann Penderyn Patagonia, ein Blended Malt Whisky in Zusammenarbeit mit der La Alazana Distillery (von der übrigens zur Zeit zwei Fässer in der Antarktis reifen).

Penderyn Patagonia wird für £65 (das wären etwa 75 €) im Vereinigten Königreich ab dem 15. September erhältlich sein. Nach seiner dortigen Veröffentlichung wird die Abfüllung die internationalen Märkte erreichen.

Mehr in der englischsprachigen Press Release:

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Penderyn Distillery Introduces Penderyn Patagonia: A Remarkable Blended Malt Whisky Celebrating Welsh Heritage

Welsh Whisky Company Unveils the 11th Edition in the Icons of Wales Series

The multi-award-winning Penderyn Distillery, also known as The Welsh Whisky Co. Ltd, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest creation, Penderyn Patagonia. 

This truly exceptional blended malt whisky marks a significant milestone in the distillery’s journey, embodying the spirit of Wales and celebrating its rich cultural heritage. The release of Penderyn Patagonia also signifies the 11th addition to the esteemed Icons of Wales series.

Penderyn Patagonia stands as a testament to the enduring bond between Wales and its Welsh descendants in Patagonia, Argentina – 8,000 miles away from Wales. This remarkable blend is achieved by marrying Penderyn’s own single malt with that of La Alazana Distillery, an innovative collaboration that bridges the gap between two distant lands united by history and shared values. 

On July 28th, 1865, 153 intrepid individuals embarked on the historic Mimosa voyage, bound for Patagonia with dreams of establishing a Welsh colony that would preserve their language, culture, and way of life. Their vision, although met with the unexpected harshness of the Patagonian desert, persevered. Miners dug irrigation trenches, settlers engaged in trade with the local Tehuelche people, and a thriving community emerged. Today, Patagonia stands as a testament to the spirit of these pioneers, boasting 50,000 Welsh descendants, 5,000 Welsh speakers, and annual Eisteddfodau celebrations that honour their heritage.

At the end of March 2022, Professor Brian Morgan, one of the Founders and the First Chairman of Penderyn Whisky visited Welsh Patagonia following an invitation to give a talk on the Penderyn brand to the Welsh speaking community in the Chubut region. He met with the La Alazana distillery owners, who travelled 600 kms from their distillery in the Andes to provide a wider range of single malt whiskies for the tasting.

Penderyn Patagonia boasts a symphony of flavours that evoke the sweet nostalgia of Welsh orchards and the rich tapestry of Patagonian landscapes. 

The tasting experience is an exploration of contrasts:

Nose: Delicate and enchanting, the whisky opens with sweet and floral notes. Hints of orchard fruits, including crisp green apples and succulent pears, mingle with a gentle essence of vanilla, honey, and caramel.

Palate: A harmonious blend of flavours graces the palate. Subtle, yet rich, the palate introduces a sweet symphony of honey, the allure of apple tart, and the succulence of juicy pears. These flavours are gracefully accompanied by the embrace of vanilla and delicate oaky undertones. A chorus of spices dances upon the tongue—cinnamon, peppers, and a whisper of cloves—interwoven with almonds and creamy toffee.

Finish: The grand finale leaves a lasting impression of dried fruits mingling with a gentle caress of sweet spice. The whisky’s resonant character lingers, inviting you to savour the intricate layers of flavour long after the last sip.

As the 11th release in the Icons of Wales series, Penderyn Patagonia stands as a testament to the shared history, resilience, and cultural richness of two distant lands. It is a tribute to the pioneers who, over a century ago, embarked on a journey to Patagonia in pursuit of their dreams, forever intertwining the legacies of Wales and Patagonia.

Penderyn Patagonia, presented in an elegantly crafted bottle, will be available for £65 in the UK. Whisky enthusiasts across the UK can anticipate its arrival on the 15th September. Following its UK release, Penderyn Patagonia will journey to international shores through the distillery’s esteemed network of export trade partners.

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