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PR: Ältester Banff Single Malt (aus der Zeit zwischen 1906 und 1917) wird ab Mittwoch versteigert

Der Whisky auf wurde noch von der Mile End Distillery Company Ltd (Banff-Besitzer 1921-1932) abgefüllt

Ein 15 Jahre alter Banff, der in den Jahren 1921 bis 1932 abgefüllt wurde, wird ab Mittwoch, den 13. Oktober 2021 bis zum 20. Oktober 2021 auf versteigert – und ist damit der älteste Banff, der jemals in Auktion kam. Sind schon spätere Abfüllungen der Destillerie, die im Jahr 1983 stillgelegt und danach abgerissen wurde, heute begehrte Sammlerstücke, so dürfte diese Abfüllung natürlich auf höchst reges Interesse in Sammlerkreisen stoßen.

Mehr über die Abfüllung und die Auktion (über deren Ausgang wir natürlich berichten werden), finden Sie im nachfolgenden Text, den uns das Auktionshaus zur Verfügung gestellt hat:

Oldest Bottle of Banff Single Malt Whisky To Be Auctioned

Blackpool, October 8th 2021: Whisky-Online Auctions, who specialise in old bottles of whisky, will be auctioning a unique 1920s official bottling of single malt whisky from the lost Banff distillery. The sale will begin on Wednesday 13th October and conclude on Wednesday 20th October 2021 at

This ancient bottle of Pure Old Banff Malt Whisky 15-year-old was bottled by the Mile End Distillery Company Ltd, who had owned a share of the distillery since 1921. Banff distillery was sold to Distillers Company Limited in 1932, so it is certain that this whisky was bottled between 1921-1932.

The dates of the Mile End ownership mean that the youngest whisky in this Banff bottle – which is stated to be ‘Guaranteed Over 15 Years Old’ – will have been distilled between 1906 and 1917 – a period when, according to most sources, the Banff distillery was practising triple-distillation, a style that has almost died out in Scotland’s Highlands.

Until now the earliest vintages of Banff single malt available were independent bottlings distilled in the 1960s. The discovery of this official Banff from the 1920s is of great historical significance and is believed to be the first official bottling from the distillery from this era ever to go under the hammer.

This Pure Old Banff 15-year-old must also be the first triple-distilled Banff to come to auction, and at a strength of 21 under-proof (around 45%) the liquid should still be in good condition, providing fascinating insight into how triple-distilled Highland whisky tasted a century ago.

Whisky-Online Auctions owner Wayne Ormerod says:

“I’ve been dealing in whisky for over 30 years and I have handled tens of thousands of unique bottles, but during all this time I have never laid eyes on an old official bottling of Banff whisky before – let alone laid my hands on one! We’re honoured to have the privilege of bringing this historic official bottle of Banff single malt whisky to auction.

Harrison Ormerod of Whisky-Online Auctions says:

“Whiskies as rare as this Pure Old Banff 15-Year-Old come along only very infrequently and have a genuine historical significance, especially when they are from distilleries that have been closed and demolished so long ago. The liquid in this bottle will provide a fascinating insight into the ancient triple-distilled Highland style and the lost character of the single malt whisky made and enjoyed by our forefathers over a century ago.”

About Banff Distillery

Die Überreste der Lagerhäuser von Banff. Bild: Potstill Wien

The original Banff distillery was founded in 1824, but the distillery was moved in 1863 to Inverboyndie on Scotland’s northeastern Moray coast by owner James Simpson Jr.

Banff was plagued with ill luck throughout its history – the distillery suffered two major fires in its lifetime and was hit by the Luftwaffe in 1941, when the warehouses were being used as an RAF training base.

Banff survived various rebuilds and production stoppages before succumbing to economic forces during the whisky lake crisis in 1983, when it was closed and demolished by owners Distillers Company Ltd (DCL).

Banff’s whisky was highly regarded in the Simpson era, and at one time the distillery even supplied an official ‘Old Banff’ single malt as house whisky to the House of Commons.

After WWII, Banff’s whisky was never officially bottled during its lifetime: the only modern era official bottling of Banff appeared in 2004, over two decades after the distillery had been closed and demolished.

About Whisky-Online Auctions

Founded in 2012, Whisky-Online Auctions is the sister company to the long-established whisky retail website The family-owned company is one of the UK’s largest specialist online whisky auctions, focusing particularly on old and rare bottlings of single malt and blended whiskies. This expertise and an unparalleled network of contacts has enabled them to curate some of the most impressive whisky auctions of recent years.

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