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PR: Caskshare stellt mit der neuen Signature Series die Zusammenarbeit mit Mark Reynier vor

Die drei Fässer aus der Bruichladdich Distillery werden ab März 2022 abgefüllt

Die Plattform Caskshare stellt in ihrer englischsprachigen Presseaussendung die neue Signature Series vor. Diese entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Mark Reynier, drei seiner Fässer, die aus der Bruichladdich Distillery kommen, werden ab März 2022 abgefüllt, diese Abfüllungen können allerdings bereits jetzt reserviert werden.
Diese experimentellen Abfüllungen erforschen den Einfluss unterschiedlicher Arten der Eiche auf den Reifeprozess des Whiskys, z.B. Quercus Humboldtii. Welche Fässer, welche Eichensorten und in welcher Reihenfolge Mark Reynier diese bei der Reifung der neue Signature Series einsetzte, stellt die folgende englischsprachige Presseaussendung vor:

Caskshare Launches New Signature Series in collaboration with Mark Reynier

Online cask spirit platform Caskshare is set to launch its new Signature Series, an extended collaboration with prominent industry figures and cask owners, which enables privately owned casks to be shared and sold amongst a community of fellow whisky lovers.

Caskshare is delighted to be partnering with whisky maverick, Mark Reynier, to launch this new element of their industry leading platform. The casks listed as part of this series are Reynier’s rare and exclusive laddie selection. Reynier’s passion for innovation led to the development of Additional Cask Enhancement, and these casks demonstrate the remarkable results that can be achieved by the application of this process.

To maximise balance and harmony, Reynier undertook a complex operation pooling three casks, two Bourbon and one Oloroso cask matured whiskies, one from 2008 and two from 2010 through a journey of maturation to August 2018. Then the three casks (two years) were vatted together and filled back into Andean, Amarone (French oak) and Oloroso wood for a further 18 months. They were then revatted again, and the whole was filled into a first-fill American barrel (Cask R190410003), a Virgin American barrel (Cask R190410002), and a first-fill Oloroso hogshead (Cask R190410001).

The older 2008 cask is subsumed into the 2010’s making 2010 the AYS relevant year. Each will have the same complex flavour profile, and will be bottled in consecutive years showing more age and further cask emphasis throughout the series.

These are experimental bottlings exploring oak influences and incorporate new oak from the Andes (Quercus Humboldtii), which is an oak high in eucalyptoides. Reynier through this partnership with Caskshare is giving like-minded whisky lovers the chance to share this experience with him.

The casks will be bottled starting in March 2022 and present a chance to experience a totally unique triple racked journey in oak. They are available to reserve now on Caskshare website.

“What we have here are what some might say are the extreme end of whisky making, and represent my journey in finding true individuality in the whisky industry. Working with Caskshare has given me the chance to let others experience my journey through the years, and to hold a share of this maturing whisky alongside me.”

Mark Reynier

For too long there has been a confusion about what happens to privately owned casks when they are ready to be enjoyed. Owners have a dilemma as to whether to sell the cask to the original producer, brokers or independent bottlers; which can only be done as a sealed cask; or to bottle the whole cask, which results in a large amount of whisky, more than anyone would ever need. Caskshare Signature Series is the solution to that conundrum in a way that allows cask owners to enjoy some of their own whisky, bottled at a time that suits them, and to share the remainder with fellow whisky lovers.

“Mark has been a leading light in the whisky industry for over two decades and we are delighted to be working with him to bring these casks, innovative techniques and experimental bottlings to market. Caskshare Signature Series provides a groundbreaking solution, assisting cask owners with the best option for the final phase of cask ownership – the bottling, sharing and enjoying.”

David Nicol

Prices range from £100-£120


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