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PR: Nc’nean präsentiert ihren ersten Single Malt Whisky

Aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau und in einer zu 100% recycelten Klarglasflasche

Die unabhängige Brennerei Nc’nean präsentiert ihren ersten Whisky, den Nc’nean’s Organic Single Malt. Wie wir der Pressemitteilung, die uns heute erreichte, entnehmen können, reifte diese Abfüllung drei Jahre lang in ausgewählten Ex-Bourbon- und speziell behandelten STR-Ex-Rotweinfässern, bevor er mit 46 % Vol. abgefüllt wurde.

Ihren Anspruch als ökologische und nachhaltige Brennerei verdeutlicht Nc’nean direkt mit ihrem ersten Whisky. Dieser ist die erste britische Spirituose, die in einer zu 100% recycelten Klarglasflasche abgefüllt wurde. Der Whisky wurde mit Gerste aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau und in einer Brennerei hergestellt, die zu 100% mit erneuerbaren Energien betrieben wird.

Die offiziellen Tasting Notes versprechen in der Nase klare Aromen von Zitronenöl, Nektarinen und Fudge. Mit etwas mehr Zeit im Glas wandeln sich grasige Noten in Butterbrot, Weingummi und kandierte Ananas. Am Gaumen zeigt sich der Single Malt cremig und frisch mit einer vollen Würze: Lemon Posset, Pfirsichsaft, frischer Ingwer, etwas Kokosnuss und Kümmel-Roggenbrot. Beim mittellangen Finish mit einer leicht harzigen Textur führt die Würze zu einem fast Menthol-artigem Kribbeln.

Erhältlich ist Nc’nean’s Organic Single Malt über die Website der Brennerei. Zum Preis von £47,95 sind noch die Versandkosten hinzu zu addieren. Diese finden Sie hier für das jeweilge Land, in das die Brennerei versendet.

wer mehr über die Nc’nean Distillery erfahren möchte: Auf der diesjährigen Village Whisky Fair in Nürnberg hatten wir die Gelegenheit, mit Annabel Thomas, CEO und Founder der Nc’nean Distillery, ein Interview zu führen. Unseren Bericht und dieses Interview finden Sie hinter diesem Link.

Alle weiteren Informationen rund um den ersten Single Malt der Nc’nean Distillery finden Sie in der folgenden englischsprachigen Presseaussendung:


Nc’nean’s Organic Single Malt is the first whisky released to the public by this new, independent distillery

Through innovative distilling processes, the whisky is impeccably smooth and elegant, with delicate fruity flavours; enjoy with soda to create a perfect serve with depth and texture

The first UK spirit bottled in a 100% recycled clear glass bottle, the whisky is also certified organic and made in a distillery powered by 100% renewable energy

Founded by Annabel Thomas, Nc’nean is a young, independent, organic whisky distillery with an uncompromising focus on sustainability and a pioneering approach to spirit making

Nc’nean Organic Single Malt Whisky is the highly anticipated new whisky from Scotland’s leading organic and sustainable distillery, Nc’nean. This incredible whisky is set to disrupt the industry through Nc’nean’s commitment to sustainability and creative approach to distilling. 

Nc’nean has created a truly exceptional whisky with depth of flavour and the perfect balance between sweetness and spice. This is achieved through a combination of meticulously sourcing raw materials, slow and gentle fermentation and distillation processes, and maturation in carefully selected high quality casks. With tasting notes of lemon posset, peach, apricot and spiced rye bread, this smooth and elegant whisky is produced in small batches and is an easy-going, delicious tipple.

The spirit is made from organic Scottish barley, whose natural yields and rich soils enhance the depth of flavour. This avant-garde whisky achieves its signature body and sweetness from having been left to mature for three years in carefully selected ex-Bourbon and specially treated STR ex-red wine barrels. Each barrel has been chosen by Nc’nean for the distinct flavours the wood contributes to the whisky.

Becky Paskin, whisky expert and founder of OurWhisky, says:

“It’s incredibly exciting to finally see Nc’nean’s organic single malt whisky come of age. The distillery’s bright, fruity spirit is beautifully accentuated through maturation in ex-Bourbon and wine casks for a sweet, bready and creamy whisky with just a hint of spice. A lovely whisky to enjoy on its own or with soda and lots of ice.“

Nc’nean spent the last 24 months refining the precise balance of casks to achieve this stunning new whisky, which stands up to industry bests. A whisky made for a new generation, Nc’nean is making a bold statement with its signature serve of a whisky and soda, breaking the perceived ‘rules’ that whisky from Scotland must be drunk neat. Named the Whisky Six, which is a nod to both the recipe and the perfect time of day for a long drink, this classic serve is perfectly suited to Nc’nean’s carefully created whisky.

This pioneering whisky is not only making a big impression in the whisky industry, but is leading the way in sustainability in the spirit industry. Nc’nean is committed to the smallest environmental footprint, and has created a certified organic whisky that is made in a distillery powered by 100% renewable energy and bottled in a 100% recycled clear glass bottle, a first in the spirit industry in the UK.

The spirit industry typically uses glass known as ‘extra-flint’ for its bottles. This glass has a very low recycled content, creating a big demand on raw materials, as well as high carbon emissions. Staying true to their sustainable and innovative ethos, Nc’nean has gone against the norm by sourcing a 100% recycled clear glass bottle, helping close the loop in the glass industry and reducing the carbon footprint by a staggering 40% per bottle.

Annabel Thomas, founder of Nc’nean, speaks on the first release:

„When I left my London job to found Nc’nean in 2013, I wanted to create a distillery that would be known for creativity and would lead the way in sustainability. At the time, 2020 seemed impossibly far away, and we’ve overcome so many hurdles on the journey so far, but I am incredibly excited to have reached this point. But more than that, I feel the quality and taste of our first whisky proves that a focus on the excellence of the spirit with careful sourcing of barley and yeast, and a slow and gentle fermentation and distillation, creates a whisky that is both delicious and sustainable. I’m incredibly proud of the whisky we are releasing and can’t wait to see the response to our “Whisky Six”.“

Uninhibited by tradition and protectors of nature, Annabel founded Nc’nean in 2013 on the remote Morvern peninsula on the west coast of Scotland. Pioneers in the whisky industry, Annabel leads the way, promoting environmental change in the world of spirits, and challenging the ingrained stereotypes of whisky distilling, bringing diversity and inclusion to the whisky industry. From its inception, she wanted Nc’nean to only use renewable sources for its energy, the distillery is certified organic by the Biodynamic Association and is a proud zero waste distillery.

Demand is expected to be high with pre-orders already soaring via Nc’nean’s website. Nc’nean whisky is also available at Selfridges, Berry Brothers, Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt as well as local retailers.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Bright, with lemon oil, nectarine and fudge. A little grassy at first, then with a bit more time in the glass, buttery toast, wine gums and candied pineapple.
Palate: Creamy and fresh with a rich spice. Lemon posset, peach juice, fresh ginger, a little coconut and caraway rye bread. 
Finish: Medium length with a lightly resinous texture. Spice carries well, leaving an almost menthol tingle.

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