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PR: Ulf Buxrud’s Rare Malts Whisky Selection-Sammlung wird auf versteigert

Unser Titelbild zeigt nur die Brora-Bottlings unter den mehr als 100 Abfüllungen, die zur Versteigerung gelangen

Über 100 Rare Malts Abfüllungen, aus dem Privatbesitz von Ulf Buxrud, dem bekannten Sammler und Autor, werden vom 9. bis 13. Dezember auf versteigert werden. Wer die Rare Malts Serie von Diageo kennt, der weiß, dass es sich dabei um fast ausschließlich hervorragende und sehr gesuchte Abfüllungen handelt. Insofern ist das für Sammler, die ihre eigene Sammlung der Abfüllungen vervollständigen wollen, eine einmalige Gelegenheit – zumal sich unter den versteigerten Bottlings auch solche befinden, die exklusiv für den US-amerikanischen oder südafrikanischen Markt produziert wurden.

Alles zu dieser Auktion in der nachfolgenden Pressemeldung. Falls Sie mitbieten werden (und wir sind uns sicher, dass es unter unseren Lesern einige solche Whiskyliebhaber geben wird): Viel Erfolg!


Ulf Buxrud, renowned collector, connoisseur, author and leading educator in the whisky industry will exclusively offer his complete personal collection of Diageo’s ultra-collectible Rare Malts Selection, in a dedicated auction hosted by global market leaders Whisky Auctioneer. The Rare Malts Selection is one of the most highly regarded whisky collections  in the world and its provenance makes this an unmissable opportunity for whisky collectors around the world.

Buxrud has been at the forefront of the whisky world for over five decades and is perhaps best known in the industry for authoring his definitive book on the Rare Malts Selection in 2016, Rare Malts: Facts, Figures and Taste. The book provides a historical account of this legendary series of malt whiskies demonstrating Ulf as an expert authority on the collection.

The auction, running from 9 to 13 December, will feature over 100 expressions from the  acclaimed Rare Malts Selection, including complete verticals from legendary distilleries such as Port Ellen and Glenury Royal which are no longer producing liquid. It also features export editions which were bottled exclusively for the U.S. and South African markets.

Ulf Buxrud, said:

“It is a momentous occasion for me to see my complete Rare Malts collection come to auction. The series is one of the most iconic whisky series in the world and I am very fortunate to have tasted every expression. It was my admiration for these whiskies that set me onto a journey of research that led me to authoring my first whisky book.

“I am very excited to unveil my collection in partnership with Whisky Auctioneer allowing future whisky lovers and lost distillery enthusiasts across the globe the opportunity to get hold of these extremely rare bottles.”

Earlier this year Whisky Auctioneer achieved a record-price for a Rare Malts Selection bottle in their dedicated Brora Auction. The 1972 Rare Malt 22-year-old 60.02% sold for a hammer price £20,500, smashing the pre-auction estimate by over £8,000.

Joe Wilson, Head of Auction Content at Whisky Auctioneer said:

“Selling a private collection is always exciting for us, but handling the sale of one from such a prominent and respected name in the world of whisky is particularly special. Ulf’s book is the most comprehensive historical account of this legendary series so it’s truly a privilege for us to bring this to auction.

“Comprising over 100 expressions this is a rare opportunity for seasoned collectors looking for just one or two more bottles to complete a series, or equally for those just starting their collections.

“We are sure that the association and provenance of Ulf Buxrud’s name will entice connoisseurs from all over the world and I am in no doubt that any bottle from this dedicated auction would delight any whisky fan.”

In addition to authoring his book on the Rare Malts Selection, Buxrud authored Japanese Whisky, Facts, Figures and Taste. An important figure in the industry, he is one of the famous Malt Maniacs and also contributed to the very first issue of The Malt Whisky Yearbook.

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