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Neu: GlenDronach Grandeur 2023 Edition

Fast volle drei Jahrzehnte konnte der Whisky in Oloroso-Sherryfässern reifen, bevor er mit 49,2% Alkoholstärke abgefüllt wurde...

Die neueste Grandeur Edition der Destillerie Glendronach ist heute von der Brennerei vorgestellt worden. Dabei handelt es sich in diesem Jahr um einen29 Jahre alten Single Malt, der die volle Reifezeit in Oloroso-Fässern verbrachte. Der Whisky aus der Hand von Master Blender Rachel Barrie wurde mit 49,2% vol. Alkoholstärke abgefüllt.

Der GlenDronach Grandeur 2023 Edition (Batch 12) ist ab heute im ausgesuchten Fachhandel weltweit erhältlich. Hier die Infos und die Tasting Notes zu ihm:

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One of the most anticipated annual batch releases in the Scotch calendar, The GlenDronach Grandeur 2023 edition has been unveiled and has been described as ‘one of its most luxurious expressions to date’.

As a hallmark of the signature richly sherried style for which GlenDronach is renowned, Grandeur Batch 12 is over 29 years old and composed of a bespoke selection of rare sherry casks hand-selected by distinguished Master Blender Rachel Barrie.

Having matured slowly and deeply in Oloroso sherry casks for nearly three decades, this rare expression from one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland epitomises the richest rewards bestowed from the finest and most exquisite Spanish oak sherry casks.

The GlenDronach’s commitment to creating extraordinary Single Malts using time-honoured methods, passed down through the generations for almost two centuries, is encapsulated in this hand-crafted limited release, with each individual bottle sealed with wax and numbered by hand to reflect its rarity. A limited number of Batch 12 bottles will be available from selected specialist retailers.

Rachel Barrie, Master Blender said:

“Every year since its inception in 2010, each limited edition batch of The GlenDronach Grandeur series has been highly anticipated and acclaimed, revered by connoisseurs and malt whisky aficionados for its magnificence of character and full-bodied style and this is one of its most luxurious expressions to date. Batch 12 is sure to be no exception, with its exceedingly rich, exuberant and full-bodied sherry cask style, crafted from a bespoke selection of our oldest and most magnificent Oloroso sherry casks.

“The mesmerising hue of dark mahogany sets the scene as the prelude to a magnificent overture of sherry aromatics. Exuberant notes of plum, glazed cherry, spiced bramble and date take centre stage before a crescendo of raisin, cocoa and espresso plays into the triumphant grand finale, leaving a memorable and richly rewarding tobacco and sherry-soaked walnut finish”

The GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 12 is bottled at 49.2% ABV, and as is the case for all expressions, develops its deep colour naturally over time from the Spanish oak in which it rests. It will be available to buy from specialist retailers worldwide from September 18th.

Tasting notes:

Colour: Dark mahogany

Nose: A rich and magnificent overture of sherry aromatics seamlessly flows into seductive cocoa, damson plum and glazed cherry. Spiced bramble and succulent dates meld harmoniously with walnut and fine arabica coffee.

Palate: A luxurious symphony of raisin and dark plum enrobed in cocoa and treacle. Cherry brandy and espresso crescendo into the triumphant grand finale.

Finish: A richly rewarding tobacco and sherry-soaked walnut finish.

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