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Neu: Spirit of The Sea – Voyage #1 Limited Edition

Der unabhängige französische Abfüller veröffentlicht einen auf See gereiften Spirit

Black Mountain Compagnie, ein unabhängiger Abfüller aus Frankreich, der auch eine Destillerie im Nationalpark Haut Languedoc in Planung hat, hat uns über eine limitierte Abfüllung aus seinem Haus informiert, die mit einer interessanten Hintergrundgeschichte aufwarten kann. Der Spirit, der auf Grund seines Alters noch kein Whisky ist, reiste sechs Monate lang in einem ehemaligen Brandyfass auf einem Schiff zwischen Frankreich und England, um danach noch einmal im Lagerhaus für 12 Monate zu reifen.

Der mit 42.7% ohne Färbung und Kühlfiltration abgefüllte Spirit ist um 79 Euro für 50cl zu haben – es gibt laut Angaben des Abfüllers auch Vertriebspartner in Deutschland.

Hier die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung dazu:

Black Mountain unveils sea-matured limited edition

French whisky bottler Black Mountain reveals its newest addition – Spirit of The Sea – Voyage #1, a unique expression limited to 460 bottles from their sea maturation experiment.

Back in May 2016, a cask of Black Mountain whisky was embarking with sail transport company TOWT, as a unique experiment to experience the effects of several months at sea on a merchant ship. The 280-litre cask (previously containing French brandy), travelled for 6 months between the French and British coasts, breathing sea breeze and navigating through waves and tides of The Channel and the North Sea.

The cask returned to its warehouse in South-western France late 2016 for a further 12 months of maturation. It has now been bottled without further reduction nor chill-filtration at 42.7% ABV and boasts delicious notes of plums, apricots, demerara sugar, oak and bitter dark chocolate.

Cédric Leprette, co-founder of Black Mountain says:

„The effect of nature and climate on maturing whisky is fascinating and unexpected, you cannot predict how the whisky is going to turn, in fact, it could have been a total disaster, but that’s also this unknown factor that makes this kind of experiment very exciting.

With Black Mountain, we’re trying to bring something more, it’s not only about importing and bottling whisky, it’s about going the extra mile and bottle something interesting, something that we love, something that excites our senses and minds!“

Maturing a whisky at sea aboard an old English vessel such as The Grayhound Lugger isn’t the most natural move for a company deeply rooted in the heart of Occitania. It was a wonderful adventure shaped by enriching encounters, stunning scenery and in the end… A whisky that encompasses all this ».

Black Mountain organised a special contest over its social media to find a name for their #BarrelAtSea, that’s how „Spirit of The Sea“ was chosen, encompassing the idea behind this whisky.

Black Mountain is actually conducting a larger experiment scheme with sea-maturation, as another cask of their whisky is currently flowing somewhere in the ocean, while some of their spirit is also sleeping in a sea-matured rum cask.

Spirit of The Sea will be availble from May 29 in selected retail shops at a RRP of 79€ (50cl).

Black Mountain Compagnie

The story of Black Mountain begins in 2011, when 4 passionate friends came up with the idea to use the exceptional waters of a high altitude spring (1000m) located within a natural wonder, the national park of Haut Languedoc, which will be the location of the future distillery.

Before the distillery starts operating, and with the aim to demonstrate its know-how, the founding team at Black Mountain Compagnie has launched three blended whiskies, finished in the best French spirits casks and named “Black Mountain Selection”.

BM N°1 was named Best European Blended Whisky at the 2015 edition of The World Whiskies Awards.

BM N°2 wax awarded with a silver medal at the IWSC 2016.

BM Notes Fumées is the last addition to the permanent range, bringing a smoky take to the classic Black Mountain profile.

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