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Neu: Teeling Wonders of Wood Amburana Cask im Online Shop der Destillerie

Für die Fässer wurde brasilianisches Hartholz verwendet - sie sind meist nur in Brasilien in Verwendung

Ein neuer Teeling Whiskey ist heute vorgestellt worden, und bereits auch im Onlineshop der Brennerei verfügbar (und auch nur dort zu beziehen): Der Teeling Wonders of Wood Amburana Cask ist das erste Mitglied in einer Serie, die Fässern aus besonderen Holzarten gewidmet ist (die Regularien für irischen Whiskey sind hier wesentlich mehr erlaubend als jene in Schottland). Amburana ist ein brasilianisches Hartholz – und Fässer daraus findet man außerhalb Brasiliens sehr selten.

Der Whiskey ist mit 59,6% vol. abgefüllt und kostet im Shop (Link untenstehend) € 125,-.

Hier weitere Infos dazu:

Buy the Wonders of Wood Amburana Cask now exclusively via our online shop!

We are excited to announce the release of the very first in our series of Wonders of Wood bottlings. A 14 Year Old Single Malt aged initially in bourbon barrels and then further matured in Virgin Amburana Brazilian hardwood. Challenging the conception of traditional whiskey flavours, this unique Irish whiskey has a striking carrot cake taste profile with hints of vanilla, cardamom and walnut. This Teeling Distillery Exclusive is very different to anything we have bottled before and definitely not Irish whiskey as you would normally know it. The selection of the Amburana Wood as the first release of our Wonders of Wood series was decided by attendees of our Virtual Wonders of Wood event in September. Hosted by Teeling Whiskey’s Master Distiller, Alex Chasko, Teeling Maturation Manager, Iain Wood and Global Brand Ambassador, Robert Caldwell, the tasting gave participants a unique opportunity to taste some of our most innovative and unique Teeling Whiskey maturation projects.

At the end of the tasting we asked the audience to vote for their favourite and to share their tasting notes. The winner on the night was to be bottled up as a Single Cask and to be the first of our Wonders of Wood releases. The Amburana Brazilian Hardwood was the pick of the lot! These casks normally never make it out of Brazil but we were lucky to get our hands on a number of sustainably farmed casks that had been destined for a premium Cachaça distiller.

Bottled at 56.9% ABV and costing €125, this limited edition, distillery exclusive is available via our online shop here! For more information please contact

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