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Neu von Billy Walker: MacNair’s Lum Reek 10-year-old Cask Strength Batch 1

Der Blended Malt in Fassstärke (55,4% vol.) erscheint in limitierter Auflage - mit Tasting Notes im Artikel

Aus der Destillerie Glenallachie kommen nicht nur die Single Malts, die unter dem Brennereinamen veröffentlicht werden. Billy Walker frönt dort auch einer weiteren Leidenschaft: dem Blending. MacNair’s Lum Reek ist ein Blended Malt, der von ihm kuratiert wird – und von dem es nun eine neue Abfüllung gibt, ein Zehnjähriger in Fassstärke (55,4% vol.). Sie wird in limitierter Auflage erscheinen.

In UK kostet der neue MacNair’s Lum Reek 10-year-old Cask Strength Batch 1 60 Pfund, er wird auch in absehbarer Zeit nach Deutschland kommen, so Kirsch Import. Ein Preis ist noch nicht fixiert.

Hier einmal die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung von Glenallachie:

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The boutique spirits house, led by veteran blender Billy Walker, extends its Blended Malt line with a small batch release 10-year-old product

MacNair’s Boutique House of Spirits, expertly curated by legendary blender Billy Walker, today unveils a line extension for its Lum Reek Blended Malt Scotch Whisky range; the 10-year-old Cask Strength Batch 1.

The inaugural batch (UK RRSP £59.99) combines Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from Speyside and Islay – two of the most sought-after whisky producing regions – resulting in a subtly smoky yet sweet favour profile.

The aged whiskies were personally sourced by Walker before being blended together with GlenAllachie Single Malt. The spirit was then re-racked into specially selected Spanish Sherry casks, wine barriques and virgin oak casks for secondary maturation, allowing the whiskies to marry and additional characteristics to be attained from the wood.

Once the final cask selection was determined by Walker, Lum Reek 10-year-old Cask Strength Batch 1 was bottled at a natural cask strength of 55.4% ABV, without added colouring or chill filtration.

Lum Reek, which scooped World’s Best Blended Malt at the World Whiskies Awards 2020 and Best Blended Malt Scotch at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021, is owned by independent spirits firm The GlenAllachie Distillers Company.

In July 2021, MacNair’s underwent a brand refresh and repositioning, becoming a Boutique House of Spirits. The new identity coincided with the introduction of a new rum line, Exploration Rum; Walker’s first endeavours into a new spirits category beyond whisky.

This latest Blended Malt offering comes as Walker celebrates his fiftieth year in the spirits industry, spanning both distilling and blending for highly successful, global brands.

Reflecting on his latest product innovation, Walker comments:

“Without a doubt, the most fulfilling element of my role is blending and developing new recipes which enhance the taste experience of individual whiskies. MacNair’s Lum Reek allows me to think outside of the box and blend such a wide variety of Single Malts from across Scotland to achieve the profile I am looking for.

“Whilst I delight in blending GlenAllachie expressions, introducing other Single Malts into the mix is incredibly interesting and creates something really magical. Having won incredible awards for The GlenAllachie 10-year-old Cask Strength batch releases, including World’s Best Single Malt 2021, I was keen to explore this concept as a Blended Malt, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. Expect an indulgent amalgamation of dark chocolate fondant, vanilla pods, stem ginger and citrus tones alongside puffs of peat smoke – delicious!”

MacNair’s Lum Reek 10-year-old Cask Strength Batch 1 is available to purchase via global specialist retailers at a UK RRSP of £59.99.


MacNair’s Lum Reek 10-year-old Cask Strength Batch 1 – 55.4% ABV

  • Colour: Rich Bronze.
  • Nose: Waves of smoke, heather honey and ginger, fusing with cinnamon, treacle and vanilla.
  • Taste: Lashings of dark chocolate, ginger and citrus, with smoked spices, plantains and tannins.


Since Master Distiller Billy Walker became custodian of MacNair’s, his singular, defining purpose has been in step with the spirit of 19th Century founder Harvey MacNair.

Over the course of 50 years in the spirits industry, Billy has earned widespread acclaim for his peerless blending prowess.  At the heart of MacNair’s Boutique House of Spirits sits a meticulous attention to detail. Billy’s renowned hands-on approach has earned numerous hats-off accolades, and he now looks to carry this philosophy into new spirits categories.  

At MacNair’s Boutique House of Spirits, we are pushing the boundaries of convention to create a boundless range of exceptional small-batch spirits. We are founded on whisky, with a future of diversity.  We are wholeheartedly invested in enhanced maturation, and believe age and integrity matter, which is why all our expressions are bottled at a minimum of 46% ABV, natural colour and non chill filtered for maximum flavour experience.

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