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Old Forester ernennt Melissa Rift zum Global Brand Ambassador und Master Taster

Rift arbeitete zuvor bei Beam Suntory und danach bei Diageo als Director für das Single Barrel Programm bei Bulleit

Eine Personalie aus den USA: Die Old Forester Distillery hat Melissa Rift zum Brand Ambassador und zum Master Taster ernannt. Rift ist in der Szene keine Unbekannte: Zuvor war sie bei Beam Suntory beschäftigt, danach leitete Sie das das Single Barrel Programm bei Bulleit.

Mehr dazu schreibt die Brennerei in einer Pressemitteilung – zuvor möchten wir aber Melissa zu ihrer neuen Aufgabe gratulieren.

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Old Forester Names Melissa Rift as Brand Ambassador/Master Taster

A Louisville native, Rift brings significant industry experience to her new role, along with a passion for the Old Forester brand. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Old Forester announced today that Kentucky native Melissa Rift has been named Brand Ambassador/Master Taster. 

Rift will help continue the revitalization of Old Forester, the only bourbon to exist before, during and after Prohibition and the founding brand of Brown-Forman.

„Melissa brings a dynamic personality, a devotion to the bourbon industry and an enthusiasm for the rich heritage of our 152-year-old brand,“ said Mark Bacon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Super-Premium American Whiskey. „We’re thrilled to welcome her to the Brown-Forman family and are excited for her insights to amplify this new chapter in Old Forester’s legacy.“ 

This announcement marks a milestone and dream come true for Rift, who gained a holistic understanding of the growing bourbon industry from her beginnings as a bourbon tour guide. Most recently, she held a leadership role at Beam Suntory and previously served as Single Barrel Program Director at Bulleit Distilling Co.

„As the country’s first bottled bourbon, Old Forester has such a history – but also an opportunity to usher in a new era for the entire industry,“ Rift said. „There’s nothing better in the market than Old Forester – and I look forward to introducing more people to this authentic brand.“

Born in Louisville, Rift authentically understands the rich culture of Kentucky bourbon and looks forward to sharing it with consumers, bartenders, media – and diverse consumers across the nation. She and her wife, Brittany, live in Louisville with their two dogs and two cats.

„I’m extremely excited to create a more inclusive bourbon industry to reflect the changing face of our beloved consumers and represent the Old Forester legacy so many love,“ Rift said.

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About Old Forester Bourbon:

Old Forester is Brown-Forman’s founding brand, founded in 1870 by George Garvin Brown. Brown believed Old Forester was so pure and consistent that he sealed it, signed it, and pledged, „There is nothing better in the market.“

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