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PR: Arran bringt neue Rare Batch Serie ab 25. Oktober – und danach weltweit in den Handel

Die Abfüllungen werden auch in unseren Ländern zu kaufen sein

Im Oktober werden von Arran zwei neue Abfüllungen erscheinen, als erste Mitglieder der neuen Rare Batch Serie Wir haben im September bereits darüber berichtet – nun sind aber neue Details aufgetaucht, so zum Beispiel der Veröffentlichungszeitpunkt (25. Oktober) und die Tasting Notes. Und, wie wir schon vermutet haben: Beide Abfüllungen werden auch in den regulären Handel kommen.

Was man sich von dem Arran French Oak Argonne und dem Arran French Oak Bordeaux erhoffen kann, nachfolgend in den Worten eines aktualisierten Beitrags von der Arran-Webseite:

Rare Batch

In October we will be launching our ‚Rare Batch‘ bottlings for the first time, and starting the range off with two very special editions featuring casks that have been very precious to us over the last number of years – French Oak Argonne and Bordeaux.  Both editions are 15 Years old and bottled at cask strength. 

These bottlings will be distributed amongst our worldwide partner network from mid-late October onwards and available at all good wine/spirits/whisky specialists.  A very limited amount of bottles will be available to purchase from our Lochranza Visitor Centre on the Isle of Arran.  Due to the extremely limited nature of this bottling we are unable to offer it for sale on our webshop or via telephone orders.  Bottles will go on sale at Lochranza Visitor Centre from Monday 25th October at 10am and will be limited to one bottle of each edition.  The RRP price is £130 per bottle.

Arran French Oak Argonne

The extremely rare casks in this bottling were sourced from the Argonne Forest
in the north-east of France. They were previously used to mature still wines from
a traditional winemaker based near the village of Ay. Our Arran Single Malt has been maturing in these precious oak casks for the past 15

Limited edition of 3,060 bottles.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: A warm spring day in the garden. Gentle cedar oak and a touch of sandalwood and incense with a sweet contrast of freshly squeezed white grapes,
sweet pink lady apple and orange blossom.

Palate: A sparkling, oily texture enhanced and complimented by the higher alcohol
volume. It’s picnic time with trays of honeyed fruits, sweet vanilla and orange cake with a touch of nutmeg, warm brioche buns and mango puree.

Finish: Warm spices, oak tannins and mandarin liqueur.

Arran Arran French Oak Bordeaux

The Arran Single Malt in this bottling was fully aged in French oak casks which were
previously used to mature red wine from a revered winemaker in the Médoc region
north of Bordeaux. Our Arran Single Malt has been maturing in these precious oak casks for the past 15 years.

Limited edition of 2,580 bottles.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: At first whiff there are ripe dark berries with freshly rolled cigars. The
gentle tobacco aroma is embraced by the sweetness of vinous sultanas and cassis.

Palate: Afternoon tea with chocolate raspberry truffles, candied ginger,scones with clotted cream and orange marmalade and almond & cinnamon croissants. Silky and luscious tannins are a reminder of the elegant wine once contained in these casks.

Finish: Mouth-watering at first then getting a touch drier with plum jam and
mild spices.

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