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PR: Die neuen Adelphi-Abfüllungen für Europa, Ardnamurchan bringt den AD/04:21 Paul Launois Limited Release

Die erste limitierte Sonderausgabe von Ardnamurchan erscheint Ende April in UK, zusätzlich gibt es neun neue Adelphi-Bottlings

Wir haben Neuigkeiten für Fans der Bottlings des unabhängigen Abfüllers Adelphi und der in dessen Besitz befindlichen Destillerie Ardnamurchan in den westlichen Highlands von Schottland: Die Abfüllungen für Europa stehen fest (in Deutschland importiert die Abfüllungen die Rolf Kaspar GmbH) – und die erste limitierte Sonderausgabe von Ardnamurchan wird demnächst erscheinen. Mit Ende April soll der auf 2576 Flaschen begrenzte und mit 57,6% vol. abgefüllte AD/04:21 Paul Launois Limited Release erscheinen.

Was es über die neuen Adelphis (unter denen sich übrigens auch ein Ardnamurchan befindet) und den AD/04:21 Paul Launois zu sagen gibt, finden Sie nachstehend:

The Next Adelphi List

We have mentioned in previous newsletters that we’re looking at different ways to stretch our Adelphi releases further. Europe and the UK have been dedicated a range of casks and the rest of the world has another range of Adelphi casks. 

The Europe (Incl.UK) list includes the following bottles:

  • Springbank, 1998, Refill Sherry Hogshead,  22 Year Old, 46.3%
  • Mortlach, 2003, Refill American Oak Sherry Hogshead, 17 Year Old, 55.5%
  • Glenborrodale, Batch 8, Refill Sherry Hogsheads, 11 Year Old, 46%
  • Ardnamurchan, 2015, Maclean & Bruce bottling, First fill Oloroso Butts, 5 Year Old, 59.3%
  • Breath of the Isles, 2007, Refill Sherry Hogshead, 14 Year Old, 59.1%
  • Glenrothes, 2007, Refill Sherry Butt, 13 Year Old, 59.8%
  • Caol Ila, 2008, First fill Sherry Hogshead, 12 Year Old, 53.9%
  • Starward, 2011, First fill Apera Cask, 5 Year Old, 58.9%

Paul Launois Limited Release

Finally, the news that many of you have been patiently waiting for, our first ever limited release Ardnamurchan Single Malt.

Due to be released at the end of this month, AD/04:21 Paul Launois will be made up of unpeated Ardnamurchan matured in first fill American Oak Bourbon Barrels before being transferred to Wine Barriques from this illustrious Champagne house in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger for an additional fifteen months. This is a 2,576 bottle run and each bottle will come with the usual QR code for full transparency of the production process. 

Alex Bruce, our Managing Director, on how our relationship came to be;

„One of the most fascinating parts to building a distillery, and the style of whisky that you hope it will produce, is the wood management. Until the early 2000’s, most distillers didn’t need to worry too much about their wood sourcing, but the ongoing concentration on Single Malt has brought with it an increasing requirement to aid the maturation of a singular and flavourful product. 

My early travels took me to both Kentucky and Jerez, and fortunately we were able to secure strong relationships with cooperages in both regions. We have since built on our relationships in Jerez, and have begun to seek out further exciting suppliers of casks. In each case, it has been imperative that we can work as close to the source as possible, getting to know the original wine or spirit producer, building long lasting trade and friendship. 

In 2018 I was introduced to Julien and Sarah Launois in Le Mesnil (the beating heart of the Champagne region) by a mutual friend. Domaine Paul Launois takes perfection to the next level, only producing a tiny amount of predominantly Chardonnay (Blanc des Blancs) based Champagne from their Grand Cru vineyards around Le Mesnil. I was not only fascinated by their attention to detail, but also amazed by the enduring loyalty of their clients. Clients that not only get to select their fermentation barrels make up (stave by stave), but also get to decide when the final Champagne should be bottled and enjoyed. 

We are truly delighted to be working with Julien and Sarah and look forward to working with their entire stock of ten barriques per year.

Watch this stunning video in French from Paul Launois here.

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