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PR: Teeling stellt die weltweit erste LEGO-Destillerie in ihrer Brennerei in Dublin aus (mit Video)

Ein Nachbau der Teeling Distillery aus Lego-Steinen ist jetzt in der Destillerie ausgestellt - zum 6. Geburtstag der Brennerei in Dublin

Leider ist es noch nicht möglich, spontan auf ein paar Tage nach Irland zu reisen – und besonders leider, weil für Whiskeyfreunde und LEGO-Fans in der Teeling Distillery ein besonderes Highlight zu finden ist: Anlässlich des 6. Geburtstags der Brennerei hat man dort die weltweit erste LEGO-Destillerie ausgestellt. Umgesetzt wurde diese nette Idee von Dublin Bricks.

Sie wundern sich, was das ist? Lesen Sie einfach die nachfolgende Pressemitteilung – und wenn das Reisen wieder möglich ist, haben Sie ja dann schon vielleicht ein Ziel…:

Introducing The World’s First LEGO Distillery!

This month our distillery is marking its 6th Birthday with a number of celebrations, including our Birthday Cocktail Event on June 12th which was attended virtually by over 100 people and free Teddy’s Ice Cream for all who attend tours in our distillery for the entire month of June. To cap off our birthday month and to mark 6 years of distilling back in our spiritual Dublin home, we got the Lego maestros Dublin Bricks to build a teeny tiny Teeling Whiskey Distillery. The new LEGO piece will take pride of place in the distillery and is available for all visitors to see today!

Here at Teeling Whiskey, we are always looking to work with like-minded local producers, so when we saw the work of Dublin Bricks we knew we had to team up with them to create something special for our 6th Birthday. Dublin Bricks is a project by, which has seen him recreate builds of some of Dublin’s most iconic pubs and locations using 100% LEGO pieces! We are the first distillery Dublin Bricks has recreated and are their largest build to date, using 4,137 LEGO pieces. This tiny Teeling Whiskey Distillery captures the iconic outside and also the full experience inside from the milling and mashing equipment to the pot stills as well as the tasting bar and gift shop. It even showcases the Phoenix Café which is doling out free Teddy’s ice creams to all visitors this June. See the full build here.

Commenting on the Dublin Bricks partnership, Jack Teeling founder of Teeling Whiskey said:

“We are very proud of reviving distilling in Dublin and our role as the first of a new generation of Dublin distilleries driving the renaissance of Irish Whiskey. Each year we like to mark our birthday with something new and interesting and what Gianni had been doing with Dublin Bricks really caught our imagination. As such we were honoured when he took our request for a commission to bring our Teeling Distillery to life in LEGO form for our 6th birthday. I am personally thrilled with the results and look forward to letting visitors see this showcased in our distillery.”

Gianni from Dublin Bricks has been bringing iconic Dublin attractions and pubs to life with LEGO versions of their buildings. From the Poolbeg Towers to The Long Hall, Kehoe’s to the Lord Edward Pub, they have all been given the Dublin Bricks treatment. As such there was no better partner to work with to create our very own LEGO incarnation of our distillery and to put it pride of place in the distillery.

Commenting on the Lego Distillery, Gianni from Dublin Bricks said:

„Dublin Bricks has always been about capturing iconic Dublin places in Lego to bring a sense of joy and provoke fun memories. For me, Teeling Distillery in the heart of Dublin 8 captures all of this. It was a challenge to build but I am super happy with how it turned out and the way the team have displayed it in the distillery.“

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