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PR: Whisky im Abo – der Craft Whisky Club

Der schottische Abo-Club bringt Whisky und Food in einer Box für spannende Pairings

Vielen unserer Leser wird der Craft Whisky Club aus Schottland bereits ein Begriff sein, ist er doch der Initiator von Caskshare, bei dem man sich Anteile von Fässern junger Destillerien sichern kann, die dann nach einer gewissen Zeit als eigene Flasche abgefüllt werden.

Mit der nachfolgenden Pressemitteilung möchte sich der Craft Whisky Club mit seinem Kernbereich vorstellen – das Whiskyabo, bei dem man alle zwei Monate eine oder zwei Flaschen Whisky zugesendet bekommt, gemeinsam mit ausgesuchten Produkten aus dem Food-Bereich für ein besonderes Pairing und ausführlichen Infos zu den Brennereien. Hier alle Infos dazu in englischer Sprache:

Craft Whisky Club – The ultimate whisky lovers subscription service

Online whisky initiative Craft Whisky Club has created the ultimate whisky lovers subscription service, for those who not only want to discover a new world of craft, artisan and innovative whisky-making but get a chance to try them too. 

From casks to pairings, locally-produced to the exotic, learning and exploring the world of whisky is a fundamental part of the whisky experience. Resident experts at the Craft Whisky Club handpick the finest small batch and artisan whiskies, carefully selecting exciting and innovative distillers from Scotland and beyond. Each box includes up to two full size bottles, as well as a specially selected food pairing to match with the whiskies, alongside plenty of information about the distillery and how the whiskies are matured, developed and brought to life. 

Choose from either 1 bottle or 2 bottles of whisky every 2 months. Bottles come from award winning distilleries from all over the world such as American Whiskey, Rye and Bourbon producer High West from the Rockies, to independent bottler and blender extraordinaire, Douglas Laing who has just launched The Epicurean Edinburgh Edition, which pays homage to Scotland’s historic capital. From £29.95 per month. For further information on how the membership works and pricing please see here.

For those looking for something more unique, Caskshare allows whisky lovers to reserve ‘shares’ of whisky casks from their favourite distilleries, choosing between a wide variety of wood types and ages as the whisky matures. Single cask bottles will then be sent directly to buyers upon maturation, or even traded between them on this new leading-edge technology platform. This allows whisky-lovers the chance to experience different cask variations by lowering the financial barrier to cask-ownership. Customers pre-order cask ‘shares’ from their distillery of choice via the Caskshare online platform. Once the ageing process is complete, whisky allocations are bottled and distributed to ‘shareholders’.

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