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The Irishman Whiskey im Windschatten des Netflix-Blockbusters auf Youtube (mit 5 Videos)

Die irische Whiskeymarke mit einer augenzwinkernden Hommage an Martin Scorsese...

Die Gelegenheit kann sich Walsh Whiskey natürlich nicht entgehen lassen: Nachdem der neue Film „The Irishman“ von Martin Scorsese momentan in aller Munde ist, bietet er eine gute Gelegenheit, auch den gleichnamigen Whiskey von Walsh Whiskey zu promoten. Man tut das mit 16 Miniaturen über „The Irishman“ auf Youtube. Star der Folgen ist, neben dem Whisky, der irische Schauspieler Brendan Dempsey, der auch eine Rolle in Scorseses „Gangs of New York“ hatte.

Mehr zur Kampagne und anschließend fünf der 16 Folgen können wir Ihnen mit der nachfolgenden englischsprachigen Pressemitteilung präsentieren:

The Irishman Launches 16 Episode Mini-Series – Treat it with Respect!

Carlow, Ireland – 1 October 2019: Irish whiskey producer Bernard Walsh has a tiger by the tail and he is not letting go! The tiger is the blockbuster Netflix-Hollywood Martin Scorsese movie and the tail is his own The Irishman whiskey which shares the same name and brand-logo.

Having offered supplies of his whiskey to Mr Scorsese and released his movie trailer homage last week, Walsh is now doubling down on his own movie production-line with the launch of an online mini-series titled – Treat it with Respect! – which will feature on social media in the two months before the movie’s global release on Netflix on 27 November.

The Irishman whiskey (produced by Walsh Whiskey) has created a mini-series of 16 online movie clips that plays in the brand space shared by the Scorsese movie and the whiskey created by Bernard Walsh in 2006. The campaign is called “Treat it with Respect!” and features a mafiosa style “Wise Guy” who eulogises The Irishman as if it were a real person.

The series stars Irish Actor & Comedian, Brendan Dempsey, who appeared in and was directed by Martin Scorsese in his Oscar Winning movie Gangs of New York in 2002. The Treat it with Respect mini-series sees a Wise Guy sitting in a dark room with a spotlight in the foreground. He leans into and out of the light delivering tongue-in-cheek, one-liners such as – “The Irishman…all you need is one shot!”.

The lines could be about a mafiosa or about The Irishman whiskey – or both! Each clip opens and closes with an image of The Irishman whiskey logo on a red, Netflix-style screen and a bowl of exploding popcorn! The exploding popcorn effect was created thanks to a packet of pop-corn, a band-aid and a mouse-trap! Go figure.

Walsh Whiskey, which owns and produces The Irishman and Writers’ Tears whiskey brands will release the full mini-series of clips, one-by-one, on its web-site (www.walshwhiskey.com) and social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & twitter) over the course of the two month build-up to the global release of The Irishman movie on 27th November on Netflix.

Commenting on the campaign, Bernard Walsh said:

“We are operating between the lines of the shared brand heritage between what are complimentary offerings – a blockbuster, award-chasing movie to be watched at home and an award-winning, premium whiskey which will be the perfect accompaniment to savouring the movie at home. We have written and made an offer to Mr Scorsese seeking a direct association with the movie – so far it’s an offer he hasn’t refused.

Walsh added:

“The release, last week, of our animated homage to the original trailer of the movie has already been very well-received. We now have a split-screen version of the two trailers so people can choose their own favourite! With the launch of this mini-series, we are signalling our intention to continue to celebrate the movie and our whiskey’s shared branding right through to Oscar night!”

The Irishman had its global premiere last Friday (27 September) when it opened the New York Film Festival which was attended by Mr Scorsese and leading members of the cast including Messrs. De Niro, Pacino and Pesci. Also in attendance was Walsh Whiskey executive Audrey Sheils who was photographed on the festival’s Red Carpet holding a bottle of The Irishman – Founder’s Reserve. What else?!

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