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Kamiki Drinks mit Distributions-Partner in Europa

Disaronno International wird unter andrem Kamiki Whisky und Umiki Whisky im Vereinigten Königreich und in den Benelux-Ländern vertreiben

Kamiki Drinks gibt in seiner heutigen englischsprachigen Presseaussendung die neue Vertriebspartnerschaft mit Disaronno International bekannt. Der Distributor übernimmt den Vertrieb der Produkte des japanischen Spirituosenhersteller, im Vereinigten Königreich (ab dem 1. Juli) und in den Benelux-Ländern (ab dem 1. August) wird dann unter anderem Kamiki Whisky und Umiki Whisky erhältlich sein.
Hier die Presseaussendung im Original:

PresseartikelFür den Inhalt ist das Unternehmen verantwortlich


Amsterdam, NL- 20th May. 2024 | Kamiki Drinks BV is delighted to announce a strategic distribution partnership with Disaronno International BV and Disaronno International UK, marking a new era in our route-to-market strategy across several key European regions.

This exciting collaboration will facilitate the distribution of Kamiki Drinks’ premium products, including Kamiki Whisky, Umiki Whisky, and Minoki Rum, across the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Effective Dates and Markets:

Disaronno UK will begin distributing Umiki Whisky and Minoki Rum from July 1, 2024, onwards.
This partnership signifies a major milestone in our growth strategy and underscores our commitment to enhancing access to our unique spirits for consumers in these important markets.
Disaronno BV will commence distribution of Kamiki Whisky, Umiki Whisky, and Minoki Rum starting August 1, 2024, in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

About Kamiki Drinks:

Kamiki Drinks, a distinguished beverage company, is dedicated to curating an exceptional portfolio of high-quality spirits. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a drive for innovation, Kamiki Drinks continuously pushes the boundaries of the industry. As part of its impressive lineup, Kamiki Drinks proudly presents brands such as Kamiki Whisky (, Umiki Whisky (, Minoki Rum ( Oakpacker Whiskey (, Aqvaranch Vodka & Gin ( and Montebrisa Tequila (

About Kamiki Shuzou Co & Kamiki Single Malt Whisky

Kamiki Shuzou Co has transformed a century-old building into a modern distillery. It stands as a testament to sustainability and as a pioneering whisky facility which has woven together the rich, historical narrative of Japan with modern distillery practices. Kamiki Shuzou’s first Japanese single malt whisky is distilled and aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels in Japan. The malt whisky is later finished in a Japanese Cedar cask, making it the world’s first Yoshino Sugi, or Japanese Cedar Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky.

About Disaronno International

Disaronno International BV and Disaronno International UK are part of ILLVA® Saronno Holding, an Italian multinational with a strong strategic business diversification, is a leader in the world of spirits thanks to Disaronno, “the world’s favourite Italian liqueur”, distributed in over 160 countries and with five centuries of history behind it, along with other prestigious products such as Tia Maria, The Busker, Sagamore and Engine. Disaronno International BV is based in the Netherlands and has expanded its operations to Belgium and Luxembourg. Disaronno International UK is a premium spirits and wine business based in London. Both subsidiaries are involved in expanding and enhancing the distribution of their brand portfolios, which include a range of spirits such as whiskies and liqueurs, as well as engaging in new partnerships and collaborations to enhance market presence.

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