Und wieder können wir Ihnen Details zu neuen Whiskys bringen, die in den nächsten Tagen in den Shops auftauchen werden. Diesmal geht es um die Winterabfüllungen 2018 des englischen unabhängigen Abfüllers Claxton’s. Sechs neue Einzelfassbottlings bringt man auf den Markt, importiert durch und auch erhältlich bei Pinkernell’s Whisky Market in Deutschland und Genuss am Gaumen in Österreich. Alle Flaschen sind ohne Farbzusatz und ohne Kältefiltration abgefüllt

Hier alle Details zu den sechs neuen Bottlings, auch mit den offiziellen englischsprachigen Verkostungsnotizen, damit Sie abschätzen können, welche Abfüllungen sie geschmacklich ansprechen könnten. Zu verkosten wären sie übrigens dieses Wochenende bereits in Bremen (Bottle Market) und zum Monatswechsel dann auf dem Munich Whisky Market:

Dumbarton 1986, 32yo, 57.1 %vol

REGION: Lowlands
DISTILLED: 19.08.1986
CASK: Bourbon Barrel
CASK NO: 1852-73497

NOSE: Extremely intricate. Banana flapjack, bread pudding, corn on the cob, cola, custard tart, sugar-coated almonds and more.
PALATE: 32 years of maturation! Butterscotch cookies, liquorice laces, glacé cherries, earthy dunnage, peppermint, walnut cake.
FINISH: Long and complex with amaretto, crushed walnuts, cedar, old wood, toffee apples and classic grain sweetness.

Springbank 1996, 22yo, 55.0%vol

REGION: Campbeltown
DISTILLED: 10.05.1996
CASK: Bourbon Hogshead
CASK NO: 1850-54

NOSE: Crisp green apples, green apple skin with rocky minerality at first. Ripe pear, sweet white grapes and much more.
PALATE: Clean and tangy. Natural fruit like sweetness with lychees and melon. Dark chocolate, quinine tonic and bell peppers.
FINISH: Long and complex. Smokier minerality typical of the distillery. Grapefruit, cocoa beans, and more apples.

Bruichladdich 2002, 16yo, 61.2%vol

DISTILLED: 23.08.2002
CASK: Sherry Puncheon
CASK NO: 1853-651

NOSE: Old leather, hazelnuts, cedar and sultanas from the wood. The spirit shines with orange blossom and rosey apples.
PALATE: Full bodied and buttery. Toffee apples, pear drops, candied orange peel, dried pineapple, cloves, fresh coffee and a touch of rosewater.
FINISH: Endlessly long. Bitter toffee, pipe tobacco, cherries, cocoa powder and coconut shavings.

Ledaig 2008, 10yo, 54.3%vol

REGION: Islands (Mull)
DISTILLED: 07.02.2008
CASK: Refill Hogshead
CASK NO: 1851-700075

NOSE: Driftwood campfire smoke, roasted cashews, boat timbers, fresh mussels, dried coconut and satsuma pith.
PALATE: Muirburn (heather) smoke, coconut milk chocolate, soft leather, nutmeg and orange marmalade bitter sweetness.
FINISH: Long and soft with a return to the nautical. Sand, seashells and fishing rope alongside toffee and a trace of parsley.

Benrinnes 2008, 10yo, 51.7%vol

REGION: Speyside
DISTILLED: 11.04.2008
CASK: Bourbon & Sherry Cask
CASK NO: 1858-303886

NOSE: Malty porridge with brown sugar, bread dough, dried figs and salted beef in the more classic distillery style.
PALATE: Oily and complex. Candied orange, brioche, mashed banana, smoked almonds, and custard powder.
FINISH: Long and transformative. Sweet developing to savoury with toffee, butter cream, panettone and salted caramel turning to sherry wood spices and pork sausages.

Teaninich 1999, 19yo, 53.0%vol


REGION: Highlands
DISTILLED: 05.07.1999
CASK: Bourbon Hogshead
CASK NO: 1849-307946

NOSE: Striking cereal notes of sweet warm pastry, rice pudding and bran supported by key lime pie and apple sauce.
PALATE: Balanced. Vanilla powder, crème brûlée and macadamia nuts add creamy sweetness to the cereal notes.
FINISH: A medium, steady finish. Dark toffee sauce, pecan pie and brazil nuts with a flurry of subtle aromatic spices.