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Neu: Old Pulteney Bow Wave 45yo – der bislang älteste Whisky aus der Destillerie ist ein Einzelstück!

Der Whisky wird bei der nächsten Auktion für Distillers’ One of One versteigert und präsentiert sich in einem einzigartigen Decanter

Ein echtes Einzelstück – und wer es kaufen will, muss bei der nächsten Distiller’s One of One für einen guten Zweck mitbieten: Der Old Pulteney Bow Wave ist mit seinen 45 Jahren nicht nur der ältesten bislang abgefülltw Whisky aus der Destillerie in Wick in den nordöstlichen Highlands, sondern durch seinen Decanter von Glasstorm fast schon eine Art Kunstwerk. Hier die Infos aus der Presseaussendung über dieses Stück Geschichte aus Pulteney (Bilder @Rich Maciver Photo):

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Old Pulteney reveals oldest single malt to date for One of One Auction

Old Pulteney, The Maritime Malt, is unveiling its oldest expression to date, a 45 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky titled Bow Wave, in a monumental milestone in the distillery’s history. This never-to-be-repeated masterpiece is available exclusively through the biennial Distillers’ One of One auction, offering an unprecedented opportunity to own a piece of Old Pulteney’s history.

Crafted with rarity at its core, Old Pulteney Bow Wave has carefully matured for more than four decades within hand-selected American oak casks before completing its voyage with a further five years maturation inside a single first-fill Spanish oak butt. Emerging deep golden in colour, Bow Wave has maritime flavours imparted from the northern sea air that laps the distillery found on the Caithness Coast in the Scottish Highlands.

Old Pulteney Bow Wave boasts a magnificent complexity and an unrivalled coastal character. Subtle whispers of sea spray entwine with the sweetness of honey, while delicate notes of aged oak and briny whispers of maritime air tantalise the palate. With each sip, Bow Wave bares its maritime soul, concluding with a long finish which is almost as enduring as the liquid itself.

Renowned whisky expert and award-winning writer, Dave Broom praises its remarkable taste:

“Glowing amber. Refined, clearly mature, yet still fresh. There’s hints of dried pineapple, a slight wax polish, then scented sandalwood and myrrh with a hint of austerity behind. In time, there’s oxidised nutty notes, then leather oils which stray towards varnish. Complex and fascinating.

“The palate is quite a contrast. It starts with a silky, almost slippery, highly-concentrated sweetness, then an incredible burst of bright fruits like captured sunlight. The tongue-clinging quality shifts in the middle of the tongue as some of the famed minerality comes in, working in tandem with touches of drier wood.

Then it seems to exhale and the softness returns. Now the full complexity is revealed, supple tannins, mature oxidised fruits, rosehip, and stewed rhubarb.

“There’s a tiny bitter touch on the end before the dried pineapple returns, this time beside preserved lemon. It’s not finished though, as after you’ve swallowed an almost pillowy softness returns.


This expression is encased within an equally remarkable bottle as the defining symbol of Old Pulteney’s dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. Presented upon a bed of Caithness slate, the bottle is crafted from hand-blown glass with complex Inciso cuts mirroring the essence of crashing waves. The deep blue hue of the bottle encapsulates the sea’s endless depths, while glimpses of the golden liquid shine through like reflections of a morning sunrise. Surrounding the glass, beautifully crafted Scottish silverware fashioned by local Silversmith, Lucy Woodley encircles the finished vessel in all its splendour. The hidden cork, accessed only by a bespoke anchor key created by Glasstorm, beckons the senses, evoking the timeless rhythm of crashing waves.

Brodie Nairn and Nicola Burns, Glass Artist & Designers at Glasstorm, the designers behind the bottle, said:  

“This whisky is the jewel in Old Pulteney’s collection, and we wanted this piece to celebrate not only their oldest ever whisky, but the character and personality of the Maritime Malt itself. Coupled with our personal fondness of the Caithness Coast, we were dedicated to deliver the best craftsmanship and create a work of art worthy of the liquid gold inside.

“The distillery’s rich history provided so much inspiration, but also something as simple as a beautifully shaped pebble that Nicky and I found while walking along the northern beaches. This one pebble, and its motion through the water, mirrored the bow of a boat breaking the waves, which ultimately influenced the Cabachon shape at the heart of the sculpture.

“We’re incredibly proud of the final result. With further influences from the rugged sea cliffs to the ever changing nature of the sea, each aspect of this ensemble is unique, but when you bring them together, you have something truly magical.”

Malcolm Waring, Distillery Manager at Old Pulteney, said:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally announce Old Pulteney Bow Wave, created specially for the One of One auction later this year.

“After maturing for more than four decades, this one-of-a-kind single malt, as the oldest in our history, is testament to the enduring spirit, patience and pride of Old Pulteney’s award-winning distillery.”

The Distillers’ One of One auction will be hosted at Hopetoun House on 5th October 2023 with proceeds donated to The Distillers’ Charity. To register interest in this auction, visit the Distillers’ One of One Auction website.

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