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Neu: The Lakes Single Malt Whisky, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5

Auch die neueste Ausgabe ist ein sherry-dominierter Whisky, der aber durch eine bei Cognac verwendete Methode verfeinert wurde

Heute hat The Lakes Distillery eine neue Ausgabe ihres „The Whiskymaker’s Reserve“ vorgestellt – die Nummer 5 in der Serie. Die neue Ausgabe ist – so wie die ersten vier – ein sherrylastiger Whisky, der aber durch die bei Cognac verwendete Methode, den Spirit immer wieder von Fass zu Fass zu transferieren oder die Fässer selbst an einen anderen Ort zu bringen, verfeinert wurde (élevage). Der The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 und die Methode werden in der nachfolgenden Presseaussendung beschrieben:

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Introducing The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5, made with the art of élevage

21 APRIL 2022: On a journey to define their signature style, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 is the latest in what has become an internationally award-winning series of single malt whiskies made by The Lakes Distillery.

Matured in the finest, bespoke Oloroso, PX, and red wine casks, comprising Spanish and American oak, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 is an elegant and Moorish evolution, possessing the same sherry-led, wood-forward characteristics as its predecessors.

Drawing inspiration from Cognac’s cellarmasters, The Lakes has taken the art of élevage to create a whisky with complexity and depth. Rather than sealing the oak and waiting for the result, unlike other distilleries, they take an active involvement that requires patience and time, and an intimate understanding of how the flavours in each cask are developing.

By frequently effecting change throughout the whisky’s maturation, whether by moving a cask’s location, or transferring the spirit between casks, The Lakes seek to evolve an array of intriguing layers of flavour from which they can blend the final whisky.

The Lakes’ whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi, said,

“With The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5, we wanted to create a whisky with a similar sherry-led profile to previous releases, but with certain characters restrained to achieve a textural refinement. 

„This is a whisky with seductively aromatic notes of dark chocolate and dried fruits, and a smooth finish with intricate layers of wood spice.”

To celebrate the release of The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 and to connect the complexity of élevage with the simplicity of enjoying flavoursome whisky, The Lakes Distillery sought the imagination of some of the best Old Fashioned makers in the world.

By adding a twist to the traditional, layering complementary and contrasting flavours, and integrating personal influences within the recipe, mixologists from Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood London, The Berkeley Bar & Terrace, The Goring Cocktail Bar, The Chinoiserie at The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, and The Northall Bar at Corinthia London have used The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 to develop their own delectably delicious takes on the eminent Whisky Cocktail.

The result is a series of sophisticated and dramatically different serves, each designed to tell a story through the art of flavour creation, and available to enjoy from 1 June throughout the summer at any of these world-renowned bars.

Non-chill filtered, bottled at the natural colour, and 52% ABV, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 is available from and specialist whisky retailers throughout the UK with a recommended retail price of £70.

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