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Neu von der Speyside Distillery: Speyside Artist Trio

Die Etiketten der Künstlerin Joanna McDonough zelebrieren die Ankunft des Frühlings - jeweils 1500 Flaschen kommen in den Handel

Drei limitierte Ausgaben von Whiskys der Speyside Distillery sind am 23. März bei einer Veranstaltung in Aviemore vorgestellt worden, und sie feiern die Ankunft des Frühlings, mit drei eigens kommissionierten Bildern der Künstlerin Joanna McDonough.

Von den einzelnen Abfüllungen, die im nachfolgenden Pressetext aus der Destillerie vorgestellt werden, gibt es jeweils 1500 Flaschen, sie kosten 62 Pfund. Lesen Sie hier mehr:

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We are delighted to announce our new Speyside Distillery’s Artist Trio Spring 2022

A trio of limited edition single malts has been launched by Speyside distillery to celebrate the arrival of spring, each featuring specifically commissioned artwork from artist in residence Joanna McDonough.
Joanna is pictured here with her husband and CEO John Harvey McDonough, Distillery Manager Allan Findlay and MD Patricia Dillon at the launch night in Speyside Distillery’s ‚The Snug‘ in Aviemore on Wednesday 23rd March 2022 where they were joined by local customers, suppliers and SPEY friends to celebrate.

Artist Joanna McDonough said:

“I was delighted to be asked to develop paintings for Speyside’s Artist Trio to complement the Tenne, Trutina and Fumare SPEY single malt whiskies.

“While preparing to start work, I realised that artists, musicians and distillers are all working towards a very similar – if not identical – goal in their art and craft.“

“My goal in my work is to express myself, my feelings and my emotions – and create art which, in turn, then causes an emotional reaction. Musicians, too, create an emotional reaction with their work.

“Similarly, distillers are masters at crafting whisky that creates an emotional reaction in the taster – taking the drinker on a journey of sight, smell and taste. We are all artists in our own way.”

Speyside Distillers chief executive John Harvey McDonough said:

“I am very proud to introduce the limited edition Speyside’s Artist Trio to our SPEY Collection. My wife Joanna has previously created stunning labels for our SPEY single malts and Byron’s Gin, but these new artworks truly encapsulate the joy of whisky.

“Our distillers have lovingly crafted these whiskies, and we are delighted to have collaborated with Joanna on artwork that has had equal love poured into it.“

anaging director Patricia Dillon added:

“Joanna’s art has inspired me for many years and to see her representing the aromas, colours and flavours of our award winning single malts with this stunning new art collection makes me proud to be part of the SPEY family, and what we can achieve together.”

The  Artist Trio

The Speyside’s Artist Trio is limited to 1,500 numbered 70cl bottles of each expression. RRP 70cl £62.00


Joanna McDonough: “My Trutina melody painting is like its accompanying whisky. The melody is the true tune of this spirit: it is honest and, like the tune, is a linear succession of notes which the listener perceives as the ‘music’ – the whisky is also a succession of tastes resulting in a ‘whole’ taste experience. The painting is honest and clear.”


Joanna McDonough: “Tenne is more flamboyant in style, so it most naturally became my ‘rhapsody’. A rhapsody features intense variations of mood, colour and tonality. It is free flowing but with some structure. I aimed to reflect this nature in my painting, which is slightly freer in form – and like Tenne has my own touch of sweetness with its ruby hues and vibrancy.


Joanna McDonough: ”As Fumare was Speyside Distillery’s first peated whisky, naturally it was an overture, i.e. ‘an introduction to what is to come.’ The palette of this painting is taken from the tasting notes – in particular barley, caramel, orange and honey whisky – showing a gentle warmth which is given in the end notes of its special taste.”

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