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Powerscourt Distillery mit dem Abschluss der „Estate-Serie“: Fercullen “The Gates” Amarone Cask Matured

Der dritte und letzte Whiskey der Serie wurde bereits in der Destillerie gebrannt und ist damit der zweite "echte" Powerscourt Whiskey

Die erste Abfüllung der Fercullen Estate Serie aus der Powerscourt Distillery war ein Whiskey mit Amarone-Finish – nun beschließt man, kurz nach dem Erscheinen des ersten eigenproduzierten Whiskeys (wir berichteten hier) die Serie mit einem Bottling, das zum Teil in Bourbonfässern, zum Teil in Amarone-Fässern gereift ist. Das Interessante an ihm: Er ist nach dem Single Malt im April der zweite Whiskey, der nur auf eigenproduzierten Spirit zurückgreift.

Der Fercullen “The Gates” Amarone Cask Matured ist mit 46% vol. abgefüllt und seit Anfang des Monats über den Webshop der Brennerei sowie einigen Shops in Irland erhältlich – er kostet dort 75 Euro. Mehr dazu (wie zum Beispiel die Tasting Notes) in der Pressemitteilung:

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The Powerscourt Distillery is proud to announce the finale in the Estate Series.

The trumpeting welcome of the Chorus Gate is a fitting finale-for our Estate Series trilogy, “The Gates” heralds a new era for our distillery, Fercullen Single Malt is a marriage of Bourbon and Amarone matured whiskeys, some of the first whiskey distilled in Wicklow in over 100 years, symbolising our commitment to honouring our home and showcasing our craftsmanship. As you savour our whiskey sip by sip, let yourself be transported to the Estate and the intricate designs of the Venetian Gates, a testament to the ingenuity of the artisans that created them. Just as the gates are the perfect union of form and function, our whiskey embodies- the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Meticulously crafted using time-honoured techniques and premium ingredients our distillers produce a smooth, complex, and unforgettable flavour.

From the first release in the series, an Amarone finished Single Grain – ‘The Mill House’, which paid homage to our spiritual home, to the complexity of ‘The Italian Gardens’, winner of World Whiskies Award ‘World’s Best limited release blend, this has been a remarkable journey that resonates with the craftmanship, heritage and provenance of our unique location on the Powerscourt Estate.

Whiskey enthusiasts, connoisseurs and collectors will delight in the finale of our limited edition collection “Estate series”. The Gates completes this journey of discovery like no other, where the “Spirit of Wicklow” has been considered in every aspect.

  • Available from July 3rd at selected stockists nationwide and from the Powerscourt Distillery and Visitor Centre, plus our online store.
  • Limited edition bottle numbered release.
  • RRP for the release is €75. ABV 46%.

John Cashman, Head of Brand and New Product Development for The Powerscourt Distillery,

“The Gates is a fitting finale to our Estate series with the introduction of our own Powerscourt distilled Single Malt whiskey. We have continued our Amarone influence with a marriage of fully matured Amarone cask whiskey with ex-Bourbon matured whiskey. Following our Fercullen Single Malt release in April, ‘The Gates’ see us continue to release The Spirit of Wicklow to the world.

This whiskey’s complex flavour profile boasts a nose of Summer fruit meringue, strawberry, cherry, plum, lime, mint, apple, cut hay. Taste of vanilla, honey, custard drizzled over poached summer fruits with digestive biscuits, and a finish of fruit pudding giving way to soft oak spice.

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