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PR: Roma Bar Show am 23. und 24. September in Rom

Eine Bar-Messe in der italienischen Hauptstadt, in der auch Whisky seinen Platz hat

Eine neue Veranstaltung für die Barszene, in der auch Whisky seinen Platz findet, hat man uns aus Italien angekündigt. Dort findet am 23. und 24. September die Roma Bar Show statt, in deren Zuge viele Lokalitäten in der Stadt in das Geschehen eingebunden werden.

Whisky nimmt zwar dort nur einen Platz unter vielen ein, aber angesichts der interessanten Location und den spannenden Themen für alle, die auch über den Tellerrand blicken wollen, ist uns die Show eine Erwähnung wert. So werden zum Beispiel Global Brand Ambassador Nicola Riske für The Macallan oder Ken Lindsay für Chivas Regal anwesend sein.

Finden Sie anschließend die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung, die man uns übermittelt hat:

ROMA BAR SHOW – first edition

Rome, 23 & 24 September 2019
Palazzo dei Congressi, EUR district
(Piazza John Kennedy, 1)

The first edition of Roma Bar Show, an international event focusing exclusively on the beverage and mixology sector, will take place from 10:00 until 21:00 on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September 2019, at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome’s EUR district (no. 1 Piazza John Kennedy). The event will involve the entire city of Rome, with masterclasses, talks and conferences, side events and an off-stage event for those within the sector and the public, stands by the major companies as well as independents, food pairings and street food, coffee, but most of all liqueurs, wine, spirits, beer, distillates, as well as presenting the best bartenders and their cocktails. Industry professionals and international guests will share their experiences and knowledge on trends and industry news. The full program and ticket presales can be found on the official website

In its first edition, the Roma Bar Show will celebrate Negroni’s 100th anniversary, represented by the creations of Italy’s best bartenders. Themed areas will include a Mexico Village that with its agave spirits will cover the traditions of the country, thanks to a Mexican-style cocktail bar with guest bartenders from across the international scene. In a collaboration with Il, the Gin Area will gather companies from the Italian and international gin sector. The striking Terrazza del Palazzo dei Congressi with its splendid view over the entire city of Rome will celebrate the Italian aperitif through a series of events.

Among the initiatives in the program is the Italian finale of “The Vero Bartender”, a Montenegro cocktail competition, which will take place on Tuesday 24 September, as well as the finish of “La Classica 2019”,a cycling event promoted by Martini Racing, which this year will end at the Roma Bar Show and includes bartender cyclists from all over the world.

In news just announced by the organisers, the RBS Academy will also take place, a series of workshops presented by some of the biggest exponents of Italian and international bartending. There the creativity and eccentricity of London will be explored, as well as that Italian touch that has conquered the whole world, the history and traditions that mix with innovation, and how science applied to mixing can create revolutionary drinks. Among the eagerly awaited guests are Antonio Parlapiano of The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome, who will cover the techniques and secrets of 10 iconic drinks, and also Filippo Sisti, who will present“Synergies between the Bar and Kitchen, the skills and logic behind mixing at the Talea Cocktail Bar” in Milan. Other guests include Flavio Angiolillo, who will present the “World Tour while seated at Iter’s bar counter” as well as Simone Caporale, Remy Savage, Gabriele Manfredi, Tony Pescatori and many others. The sessions will be held in the 800-seater Capitalis Auditorium at the Palazzo dei Congressi, and among the more noteworthy speakers are Pietro Collina from Nomad Bar in New York, Davide Segat and Daniele Liberati from Edition Bar in London, Patrick Pistolesi and Alexander Frezza, as well as Classics Innovation presented by a team from the Savoy American Bar in London, supported by Ron Diplomatico, Desmond Payne and Anistatia Miller in Gin Gin Gin, a collaboration with Beefeater Gin. Other international guests will be announced soon.

The masterclasses will focus on Italian excellence, from Gamondi’s Vermouth di Torino Superiore to the Vecchia Romagna method and the Tre Botti Reserve, and from the rosoli of Giardini D’Amore to Varnelli’s Anice Secco. There will be no shortage of food to be enjoyed either, with over 10 selections overseen by the Agrodolce restaurant, which has chosen several options from local cuisine to be featured in food trucks. The show welcomes Pizza e Mortazza, Supplizio, Gricia Road, Migliori’s Olive Ascolane (Ascoli-style stuffed olives), but also Mexican food by La Punta Expendio de Agave and Coffee Pot, and even meatballs by Pret-à-Polpett. Among other guests are Ken Lindsay,Brand Ambassador of Chivas Regal and Nicola Riske, the European Ambassador of Macallan. Internationally acclaimed bartender, Jim Meehan, and author of many books on mixology, together with publisher Readrink, will present his new title “Meehan’s Bartender Manual”. Roma Bar Show will also include a Side Event that will involve the entire city starting from Sunday 22 September, featuring many local and international guests who will take turns behind the bar counters of Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, La Punta Expendio de Agave, Freni e Frizioni, Hotel Locarno, Drink Kong, the First Hotel’s AcquaRoof Terrazza Molinari, Argot, Club Derrière, Banana Republic, Baccano, Metropolita, Chorus Cafè and many bars.

“The Roma Bar Showproject – explain the organisers – was born out of a need for the industry, its businesses and those working within it to meet and engage at an Italian event with international exposure, with the aim of raising the profile of the spirit industry and mixology in Italy. From this first edition, the event aims to become the leading Italian trade fair for bars, beverages and the hospitality industry”.

The two-day event is promoted and organised by RIBS SRL of Andrea Fofi, Fabio Bacchi, Leonardo Leuci, The Jerry Thomas Project and Giuseppe Gallo. A partnership with Acqua San Pellegrino will see that guests are provided with water for the entire event. Other major sponsors and partners are Radio Globo, Banca Sella, Organics by Red Bull, Ghiaccio Facile, Birra Asahi, Pratesi Hotel Division, Bernabei, Zero, BarTales, Agrodolce, BlueBlazeR and The “Tu Drink” app, which has been integrated for the event, will help visitors navigate their way through exhibition spaces, events and side events.

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