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PR: Talisker Cask of Distinction 1978 bringt £625.000 in Charity-Auktion

Mit dem Preis von 500.000 Pfund (ohne Käufer-Aufschlag) hat man das Maximum des prognostizierten Erlöses genau erreicht

Die The Distillers’ One of One Auction im Barnbougle Castle bei Edinburgh (die Vorstellung der Auktion können Sie hier nachlesen) hat eine ansehnliche Summe für karitative Zwecke eingesammelt – und auch die Brennerei Talisker auf Skye war daran nicht unbeteilgt. Ihr Cask of Distinction 1978 (wir berichteten erstmals hier darüber) erzielte mit £625.000 die höchste Summe unter allen versteigerten Fässern – des Inhalts wegen und des von Callum Innes gestalteten Fassdeckels. Mit dem Preis von 500.000 Pfund (ohne Aufschlag) hat man die Obergrenze des erwarteten Erlöses genau getroffen.

Die Brennerei hat uns dazu am Abend noch eine Pressemitteilung gesendet, die wir gerne hier mit Ihnen teilen:


[Scotland, 3rd December] A rare Talisker Single Malt Scotch whisky cask has sold for £625,000 (including buyers premium) at The Distiller’s Charity ‘One of One’ auction, managed by Sotheby’s. The cask, donated by Diageo and part of its exclusive cask ownership programme, Casks of Distinction, was the highest value cask sold at the auction that took place today at Barnbougle Castle, near Edinburgh.

The successful bidder is now the sole owner of Talisker Cask of Distinction 1978, one of the world’s rarest and most highly respected whiskies and a paired cask-end that has been turned into an original work of art by Turner Prize nominee Callum Innes. They will also receive the unique opportunity to visit the home of Casks of Distinction in Royal Deeside, where they can see their cask maturing inside the Casks of Distinction Warehouse.

The historic sale marks a special moment for Casks of Distinction as the Talisker Cask of Distinction 1978 becomes the first full cask part of the programme to be sold at auction.

In total, The One of One auction comprising one-off, never-to-be-repeated lots specially created and donated by companies from across the Scotch Whisky industry, raised

£3.1million ($4.1million) for The Youth Action Fund, two and a half times over the original high estimate. The Youth Action Fund was created by The Distillers’ Charity focusing on supporting disadvantaged young people in Scotland.

James Mackay, Head of Rare and Exceptional Spirits at Diageo said:

“We are honoured to have been a part of this initiative and to have helped towards raising £3.1million for The Youth Action Fund and look forward to continuing to work with The Distiller’s Charity to support young people in Scotland. This unique cask embodies a combination of art, craft and philanthropy, and is the first time a Cask of Distinction has been sold at auction. We are delighted it garnered so much support.”

Javier Ferrán, Diageo Chairman, said:

“We are delighted to support the Distillers One of One auction with a rare cask of Talisker Scotch whisky.  We look forward to seeing our contribution to the auction generate significant funds for the Distillers’ Charity and to help enhance the life-chances of young people in communities the length and breadth of Scotland.”

Casks of Distinction is a programme from Diageo that offers the opportunity to purchase individual casks, hand-selected from 28 operating and silent distilleries by four Master Blenders for its superlative quality. Each cask is entirely unique and incredibly rare, representing the most exceptional and singular expression of the distillery’s character.

Upon purchasing one of these exceptional casks, clients become the sole owners of an iconic piece of liquid history and now, following The Talisker Cask of Distinction 1978 at the One of One Auction, clients have the opportunity to have their cask-end turned into a work of art, by commissioning one of a roster of available artists. This new programme combines Casks of Distinction’s patronage of the arts with exclusive ownership of rare and precious single malt Scotch whisky, linked by a single point of inspiration.

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