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PR: The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. gewinnt Gold beim A’ Design Award

Der Preis wurde für die aufwendige Verpackung von The Devil’s Keep Experience Box vergeben

The Craft Irish Whiskey Company, bekannt für ihre aufwendigen Abfüllungen alter irischer Whiskeys, konnte sich beim A’ Design Award in der Kategorie Packaging Design 2020-2021 eine Goldmedaille für ihre The Devil’s Keep Experience Box (der Whiskey kostet übrigens 10.000 Euro) eine Goldmedaille sichern – und hat alle Infos um diesen Whiskey und den Preis in der nachfolgenden Presseaussendung zusammengefasst:


The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. wins the highest scoring Gold award in ‘Packaging Design Category’ for The Devil’s Keep Experience Box

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. achieved Gold in the ‘Packaging Design Category 2020-2021’ of the A’ Design Award for The Devil’s Keep experience box, which was the luxury Irish whiskey’s first release. The A’ Design Award and Competition is the world’s most prestigious and influential design accolade, which acknowledges the best design and most innovative products from international brands and designers.

With over 4,000 entries submitted from the world’s top designers, the competition is judged by over 200 jury members from the International Design Academy, to form The Grand A‘ Design Award Jury Panel, including design professionals, press and academics, who award brands across five categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron. The award-winning products and designs will be formally announced at the official A‘ Design Award Gala-Night and Exhibition in Italy, which will take place later this year.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. was the highest scoring Gold Award, achieving 9.9 within the top 2% of the category, missing out on Platinum to Pepsi Co’s redesigned packaging. It was the only whiskey brand to be awarded ‘Gold’, within the ‘Packaging Design Category’, alongside over 20 innovative brands awarded Gold in the A’ Design Award. It marks The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’s third win of the year after being awarded ‘Luxury Drinks Secondary Pack’ for the design of The Devil’s Keep experience box at The Luxury Packaging Awards 2020 and Highly Commended for the design of The Devil’s Keep bottle in the ‘Luxury Drinks Primary Pack’ award in February 2021.

The Devil’s Keep is a rare triple distilled, 29-year-old single malt whiskey and one of the finest whiskies that Ireland has ever created. It was the first release from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., making this accolade a moment of particular significance for Founder, Jay Bradley, and Design Director, Tiago Russo. The launch of The Devil’s Keep in November 2020 saw just 333 bottles released – with an additional 333 expected later this year. It was the most expensive inaugural first release in history, which sold at auction at USD $60,000 (almost £46,000 and €51,000 Euros), and the oldest triple distilled Irish whiskey in existence, only to be topped by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’s second release in February 2021 of the 30-year-old The Emerald Isle Collection.

The Devil’s Keep was designed to be a multi-sensorial experience, which engages all five senses. The Devil’s Keep bottle is encased in an experience box made up of two custom-locked cases, secured by bespoke brass Japanese style locks. The minimalist outer case of the experience box has a dark stained

oak finish and a bolt of geometric gold detailing, while the burgundy leather walls that line the inner case help to refract the colours of the whiskey. Housed inside the box are the exquisite whiskey accessories: two uniquely designed glasses, an atomiser, a measure of barley, a carafe of water, a pipette and whiskey stones. To protect the main packaging, a structural transit box was designed in two parts, allowing a vertical extraction which makes the experience as effortless and ergonomic as possible.

No detail was overlooked in its creation, from the vial of barley sourced from the same malting house that housed the original barley for the whiskey, through to the carafe filled with water sourced from the Antrim hills which was also used for the original whiskey. A custom-designed pipette enables water to be applied precisely to release the micelles and the flavours, while obsidian whiskey stones can be used in place of ice to prevent the dilution of the whiskey. A special ‘angels’ share’ atomiser has been designed by expert perfumer Sarah McCartney, which is unique to The Devil’s Keep. It captures the unmistakable aroma of walking through the halls of a whiskey warehouse full of maturing whiskey, evaporating into the ether. Bespoke glasses, a custom numbered whiskey certificate and a detailed booklet which tells the story of The Devil’s Keep are housed in each door.

Tiago Russo, Design Director at The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., said:

“It is a huge honour for The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. to be recognised amongst some of the most well-established brands in the world. The A’ Design Award is the highest achievement in design, celebrating exceptional work from some of the most renowned names in the industry. Through the power of design, I was able to create a product that brings to life the story of The Devil’s Keep and celebrates Irish heritage and whiskey through a multi-sensory experience. The accolade is particularly special as The Devil’s Keep is the brand’s first release, and it now sets the benchmark for The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. in the future as one of the brands to watch in the luxury whiskey space.”

Jay Bradley, Founder at The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., commented:

“I am so proud that we have been recognised in the A’ Design Award for The Devil’s Keep. It has taken our team years of dedication, craftsmanship and passion to create a unique whiskey experience. To be recognised in such a prestigious category is a huge achievement, which has allowed us to take centre stage alongside some of the most exceptional products in the world. Through the launch of The Devil’s Keep, my mission was to challenge global perceptions of Irish whiskey by creating the most luxurious drinking experience – ultimately filling the gap in the market for ultra-luxury Irish whiskey.”

Following the success of The Devil’s Keep and The Emerald Isle Collection in partnership with Fabergé, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. will announce its third release in June 2021.

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