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Rosebank Distillery finalisiert ihre Legacy Series

Seit heute ist Rosebank 32 year old erhältlich, Des Oliver komponierte für die Abfüllung das Stück „Rosebank Reawakening“

Die Rosebank Distillery beendet ihre Legacy Series, nach dem Rosebank 30 Year Old aus dem Jahr 2020 und dem 2022 erschienenen Rosebank 31 Year Old, erscheint heute Rosebank 32 Year Old. Seit heute um 9 Uhr Ortszeit kann diese Abfüllung online erworben werden, die UVP liegt bei £2,100 (das wären nicht ganz 2.500 €).

Des Oliver, der den Doktortitel in Komposition der Universität Oxford besitzt, komponierte nach der Verkostung dieses Malt Whiskys eine musikalische Reise, die diesen schottischen Whisky perfekt verkörpert soll, und vom Chineke! Orchestra in der Brennerei aufgeführt wurde. Die gemeinsame Verkostung mit Blender Emma Oakes und Distillery Manager Malcolm Rennie sowie die Aufführung seines Stückes „Rosebank Reawakening“ wurden in einem Video festgehalten, welches wir hier einbinden und ebenfalls auf der Website der Rosebank Distillery zu finden ist.


Addebdum 15. Mai 2024: Hier noch die offizielle Pressesaussendung der Destillerie dazu:

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Rosebank Distillery celebrates final expression in first series of revered legacy releases

  • Rosebank Distillery has released a 32 year old, the third and final expression in its highly-anticipated legacy series
  • To mark the iconic launch of this bottling, renowned composer Des Oliver has created a moving piece of music inspired from its tasting notes, performed at Rosebank Distillery, by world-famous Chineke! Orchestra
  • This 32 year old Rosebank is composed from a careful selection of rare casks from the limited stocks left prior to the distillery’s closure 30 years ago

Rosebank Distillery has unveiled the final expression in its celebrated Legacy Series, a 32 year old.  To celebrate this landmark, a bespoke piece of orchestral music has been commissioned, inspired by the whisky itself.

Collaborating with esteemed composer, Des Oliver, tasting notes from the first sip of this exceptionally crafted Scotch whisky have inspired the composition of „Rosebank Reawakening“, a new musical piece performed by the globally revered, contemporary orchestra Chineke!

The score celebrates the crescendo of the much-loved first global series of releases from the distillery under the custodianship of Ian Macleod Distillers and commemorates the revival of the Rosebank Distillery as it opens to the public later this summer after ceasing production more than three decades ago.

Des Oliver, who holds a doctorate in composition from Oxford University and has previously worked with the London Symphony Orchestra, was invited to immerse himself at the revived distillery. Emma Oakes, Blender and Malcolm Rennie, Distillery Manager, introduced Des to a first sip of this rare 32 year old Rosebank earlier this year to inspire the composition.

From the tasting experience, a musical journey that perfectly encapsulates this Scotch whisky was written and then performed by Chineke! Orchestra at the distillery. Its recording now provides a new way to savour this rich and complex whisky.

Des Oliver comments:

“My piece was conceived as a journey inspired by the unique flavours of the Rosebank 32 year old.  I was drawn to the idea of translating the nuances of the spirit into a sonic landscape, choosing to write it in a way that reflected the multifaceted nature of this whisky.

“The composition evolves like my tasting experience, with each moment capturing a different aspect of the whisky’s flavour profile – from its initial smoothness and richness to the subtle hints of oak and spice. The piece invites listeners to immerse themselves fully in the sensory journey of the whisky, from the initial anticipation to the subtle echoes of flavour that resonate long after the final note has faded.”

Malcolm Rennie, Distillery Manager said:

“I am extremely proud to announce the arrival of Rosebank 32 year old, it is an exceptional dram, which perfectly exemplifies the qualities that earned Rosebank reverence as the “King of the Lowlands”.  It not only marks the final expression in our first legacy series, but also symbolises a new era for Rosebank, as we prepare to open the doors of our revived distillery.”

“Working with Des and Chineke! has been fascinating, and to see them interpret their experience of this whisky and create such stunning piece of inspired music fills me with so much pride. Listening to it whilst savouring a dram completely elevates the tasting notes, making for a magical experience.”

The 32 year old, which follows releases of a 30 and 31 year old, has been composed from the limited casks retained from before the distillery closed, more than 30 years ago.

Rich and complex, yet elegant and balanced, Rosebank 32 year old offers sweet aromas of pineapples and candied ginger, mingling with lemon and marzipan with hints of white pepper and coffee. On the palate, the mouthfeel is velvety and showcases hints of malt, thyme, butterscotch, and tropical fruits. A soft, long finish has notes of lemon, honeyed porridge, and toasted walnuts.

Rosebank is one of the first Scotch whisky brands to launch this expression with Near-Field Communication technology tags on every bottle. Consumers hold their phone over the NFC tag for immediate bottle authenticity and an enhanced consumer journey. This then provides an exclusive deep dive on this 32 year old release, including bespoke tasting videos, and further expression information.

Rosebank 32 year old has an ABV of 47.6%, and an RRP of £2,100. It will be available to purchase at from 13th May 2024 at 9am.

To find out more about Rosebank Distillery, please visit

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