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Simon Coughlin, Mitbegründer von Bruichladdich, zieht sich aus dem Geschäftsleben zurück

Coghlin und Reynier kauften 2000 die damals stillgelegte Brennerei - Coughlin blieb ihr bis 2017 als CEO erhalten, danach bei Remy Cointreau

Wie Bruichladdich heute laut The Whisky Business bekanntgab, zieht sich Mitbegründer Simon Coughlin, der gemeinsam mit Mark Reynier die Brennerei vor über 23 Jahren zu neuem Leben erweckt hat, zurück.

Bis 2017 war Coughlin CEO der Brennerei, danach CEO der Whisky Division von Remy Cointreau und Mitglied des Executive Committees des Unternehmens.

Simon Coughlin kommentierte seine Entscheidung wie folgt:

“Back in 2000 the industry was in a very different place. Distilleries were being mothballed or even demolished, and opportunities for new distilleries to open and thrive were almost non-existent. Some of those early years were extremely difficult. We were breaking down many of the misconceptions in the whisky category – not to mention with a very old and neglected distillery – and were committed to carving out a more honest, transparent, and progressive vision for our industry. We’ve always believed in terroir, championing flavour, and harnessing our raw ingredients – while ensuring the island community is at the heart of our decision making. It was undoubtedly a steep learning curve but having a laser sharp focus and never compromising on our vision has got us to where we are today.

It’s incredible to look at where the industry is now; an explosion of new distilleries globally, people talking flavour, provenance and even terroir. 23 years ago, people thought we were mad! None of this potential could have been realised without a dedicated team – often bemused by our vision and methods, but always unwavering in their support.”

Jim McEwan mit Simon Coughlin. Bild: Bruichladdich

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