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Whiskey House of Kentucky beginnt mit Produktion (mit Video)

Die Brennerei wird ausschließlich für Fremdmarken arbeiten, Der Ausstoß wird bis 2027 von 1,8 auf 3,7 Mio. Liter jährlich wachsen

Die nach eigenen Angaben fortschrittlichste Whiskydestillerie in den USA, Whiskey House, hat diese Woche in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, die Produktion aufgenommen. Dort produziert man Bourbon, Rye und amerikanischen Whiskey – in einer futuristisch anmutenden Anlage.

Die Destillerie wurde von den Leuten gegründet, die auch hinter der  Bardstown Bourbon Company stehen. Das Konzept ist interessant: Man wird dort keine eigenen Marken produzieren, sondern ausschließlich “auf Rezept” für Fremdfirmen arbeiten.

Auch plant man am Gelände 33 Warehouses zu errichten, mit einer Kapazität von je etwas über 40.000 Fässern. Die Produktionskapazität ist für den Beginn mit 112.000 Fässer pro Jahr limitiert, bis 2027 will man aber bereits auf die doppelte Menge, 224.000 Fässer, erweitern.

Mehr dazu, inklusive einem Drohnen-Video über die Destillerie, nachfolgend:

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Whiskey House of Kentucky Begins Production at Industry Transforming Distillery

Most advanced distillery in the United States commences operations on schedule

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky., July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Whiskey House of Kentucky (Whiskey House), the newest and most advanced distillery in the United States, announced operations officially began yesterday, July 1, as initially projected. Located on a 176-acre campus in the T.J. Patterson Elizabethtown Hardin County Industrial Park, Whiskey House is the most sophisticated, technically advanced producer of custom bourbon, rye, and American whiskey in the United States. For more information, visit

Whiskey House was initially founded in 2022 by David Mandell, John Hargrove and Daniel Linde, the team that started and built The Bardstown Bourbon Company. As the first distillery designed from the ground up to focus solely on large-scale, flexible, contract whiskey production, Whiskey House has no brands of its own and a campus closed to the public, removing all potential conflicts of interest between the company and its customers. The team is hyper-focused on providing superior custom whiskey production, innovative liquid design, exceptional customer service, and the most competitive pricing for its exclusive branded clients.

“Thanks to our incredible team, construction partners, service providers and vendors, we’ve delivered the most advanced distillery in the United States in just over two years,”

said co-founder and CEO David Mandell.

“Our state-of-the-art facility not only provides unmatched quality, flexibility and production capabilities, but we’ve also assembled the best team in American whiskey to deliver exceptional customer service for our exclusive brand partners.”

Whiskey House is unlike anything in the distilling industry. The facility combines advanced manufacturing principles from the food industry with lean manufacturing techniques and the latest “Industry 4.0” technology. The distinctive design, fully automated system, sequence of operations, and proprietary software enable Whiskey House to run multiple mashbills, including small, craft production runs, while maintaining complete consistency of production.

Additionally, Whiskey House meets the highest quality standards. The company received its Kosher certification from Star-K and is in the process of obtaining the following certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 22000, 17025, 2018 FSSC, ISO/IEC 27001 and British Retail Consortium.

Whiskey House is also designed to capture and reuse latent energy throughout the production process, resulting in a 50% decrease of energy consumption as compared to the EPA’s Energy Star Certified Distilleries.

“Whiskey House truly sets a new, high bar for advanced manufacturing in the whiskey industry. We’ve created the most flexible distillation system in the country, capable of producing excellent whiskey while enabling tremendous customization at the same time.”

Co-founder, president and COO John Hargrove

Whiskey House’s fully integrated operational and information technology infrastructure captures and analyzes data across the entire manufacturing process. With the addition of its artificial intelligence applications, the company can continually improve quality and efficiency, increase production yields, expand sustainability initiatives and provide critical, real-time information to customers about their liquid. As a result of its efforts and vision for the distillery, Whiskey House received a Microsoft for Startups Founder’s Hub Grant to accelerate the implementation of AI in all aspects of its manufacturing and distillation process.

“Our technology infrastructure provides customers unprecedented access to every datapoint about their whiskey production, including critical financial, inventory, and quality metrics,”

said engineering & technology vice president Roger Henley.

“This information will not only help our customers improve their businesses, but it will help brands tell deeper, richer stories, leading to more innovation and transparency across the industry.”

Produced by Vendome Copper & Brass Works, Whiskey House’s distilling and processing equipment is built around a 48-inch custom still and 14, 33,000-gallon closed-top fermenters. The company started operations with greater than seven million proof gallons of annual capacity (112,000 barrels) and will expand to more than 14 million proof gallons (224,000 barrels) in 2027.

The Whiskey House campus includes plans for 33, 41,496 -barrel traditional rickhouses; a 50,000-square-foot palletized warehouse; a spent grain processing facility; a bottling facility; a rail system; as well as access to one of the highest yielding hydro stratigraphic limestone aquifers in the region, which sits 120 feet below the property.

Whiskey House’s traditional rickhouses employ a distinctive design structure that is long and skinny with extra-large air channels underneath to ensure consistent airflow and uniform maturation for every barrel.

Whiskey House will also track barrels with a specially printed QR code designed to provide access to complete track and trace data. From the time the grain arrives on the property to its final maturation journey, this comprehensive technology captures all batch, quality, and control information throughout the distillery lifecycle, and precisely defines each barrel’s location down to the rick position. Access to this unprecedented amount of actionable information about the production and aging process allows both Whiskey House and its customers to make informed decisions and enhance consistency, efficiency and quality.

Whiskey House construction is led by Bardstown-based Buzick Construction and financed by Truist Bank.

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