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Cooper King Distillery kurz vor Produktion

Ab Oktober gibt es eine produzierende Brennerei mehr in England

Eine Brennerei, deren Werdegang wir schon länger verfolgen, ist die Cooper King Distillery in Yorkshire unsere gesammelten Berichte dazu können Sie hier nachlesen). Nun hat uns die Destillerie wissen lassen, dass sie nach der Installation der letzten fehlenden Austung knapp vor dem Brennbeginn stehen. Erstmals New Make will man schon im Oktober fließen sehen.

Hier der englischsprachige Text, den man uns gesendet hat und den wir sehr gerne mit Ihnen teilen:

Self-built distillery on the brink of whisky production as final kit installed

A Yorkshire-based start-up distillery has announced that it is nearing whisky production as its final pieces of Yorkshire-made kit have been installed.

Cooper King Distillery made the announcement that the mash tun, hot liquor tank and fermentation vessels have all been installed in place, ready for whisky distillation to begin next month.

The Sutton-on-the-Forest based distillery has partnered with numerous manufacturers to source the greatest quality equipment to produce its highly anticipated first batch of single malt whisky.

The latest pieces of kit were made and installed by the talented Liam and Mark Ruston of Pureweld Stainless, a family-owned Yorkshire-based fabricator.

Speaking on the developments, co-founder of Cooper King Distillery, Abbie Neilson said:

“Having been working towards this point for the last two years, we are beyond excited to finally have all the equipment in place to begin distilling our whisky. Chris and I both gave up our careers to pursue our dream of owning our own distillery, so seeing this all coming to life is really amazing.”

Cooper King Distillery was founded in 2016 by chartered architect, Chris Jaume and scientist, Dr Abbie Neilson.

Chris Jaume vor den Stills © Cooper King Distillery

The distillery, which launched its ‘Founders’ Club’ crowdfunding campaign in August 2017, is described as the UK’s only self-built whisky and gin distillery and is also only one of a handful in the UK to run on 100% green energy.

Proving extremely popular among whisky enthusiasts, there are currently limited Barley and Copper Founders’ Club packages remaining, which see members receive whisky from cask #001, limited edition releases, exclusive behind-the-scenes access and recognition for their contribution towards making English distilling history.

Cooper King Distillery co-founder, Chris Jaume, added:

“Our Founders’ Club members really are a vital part to our growth and success so far. We’re thrilled to be able to share this journey with them and can’t wait to get distillation started now that all the equipment is in place. The very first cask filled at the distillery will be bottled entirely for our Founders’ Club members after it’s matured (including bottle no. 1). It’s our way of thanking our Founders for joining the adventure.”

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