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Dràm Mòr Autumn/Winter 2021 Release für Deutschland jetzt erhältlich

Die Kollektion besteht aus sieben Einzelfassabfüllungen in Fassstärke, ohne Farbstoff und nicht kühlfiltriert

Der unabhängige Abfüller Dràm Mòr aus Glasgow hat nun die sieben Abfüllungen aus der Herbst – und Winteredition auch in Deutschland vorgestellt – sie sind nun hierzulande im Fachhandel erhältlich (für die Schweiz haben wir sie ja bereits vor einigen Tagen ankündigen können). Es handelt sich dabei um sieben Einzelfassabfüllungen in Fassstärke, natürlich ohne Farbstoffe und nicht kühlfiltriert.

Hier alle sieben Bottlings im Detail, mit einem Grußwort von Kenny und Viktorija Macdonald:

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Dràm Mòr Autumn/Winter 2021 Release

We at Dràm Mòr are delighted to be able to bring this latest release to all our great friends in Germany and I only hope that everyone over there enjoy them as much as we do.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and I hope that we will be out there again to share a dram with you all in the New Year.


Viktorija and Kenny.



Cask Number: 2825

ABV: 53.5%

Cask Type: Refill Bourbon Hogshead, finished in 1st fill Tawny Port Cask

Bottles: 271

Colour: Cotton Candy Rose

Nose: Wonderful, golden ripe cereal explodes into your nose, bright and fresh with hints of pear and red ripe apple.

Palate: There’s a lot to take in here, its chunky, big lumps of flavour cascading onto your tongue. There’s sweet leather with dates and coffee, rich flavoursome red berries fill the mouth ripening and becoming sweeter and bolder as they plunge towards the finish.

Finish: The berries sweeten into juicy sultanas and chocolate, there’s a hint of a full bodied red wine and then sweetly bitter muscovado sugar and ginseng.



Cask Number: 3061

ABV: 57.4%

Cask Type: Refill Bourbon Hogshead, finished in 1st Fill Madeira

Bottles: 292

Colour: Light Lucent Red Copper

Nose: Wet flint and damp woodland soil fill the nose as you take your first whiff, pear drops creep in with some orchard fruit chased by dried oak. There’s a softening of the oak into something richer, light vanilla, caramel and mallow work wonderfully together leading you off towards earthy spices and worn leather.

Palate: Oily and rich, the flavour fills the whole mouth, leather and liquorice dominate early on, anise following closely behind. Suddenly you’re surprised by the intensely berry notes with something almost medicinal, yet deeply comforting. This is a complex, grown up dram that flows between spices, wood and fruit effortlessly, it’s earthy, rooty and utterly delicious.

Finish: Liquorice really wants to dominate the finish, it’s warm, bold and spicy, oily yet deeply satisfying and pleasant, indefinably autumnal, perhaps wet leaves, perhaps soil, utterly magnificent.

GLEN MORAY 2010                    


Cask Number: 180

ABV: 54%

Cask Type: Refill Bourbon Hogshead, finished in 1st Fill Madeira

Bottles: 273

Colour: Blush Pink

Nose: Subtle and delicately warm fruit cake with hints of rich spice. Candied nuts and a touch of lemony citrus.

Palate: A wonderful oily richness lets the flavours rampage across your tongue and up the cheeks, an odd yet pleasing combination of ripe red currant, juicy fig, liquorice and chocolate, buttery and delicious.

Finish: This delight is all about the finish, it is everso, everso long and dry with a deep, powerful spicy bitterness that draws in the cheeks and focuses your attention on the bitter chocolate, tobacco and gentian root playing havoc with your senses. Very grown up and really very satisfying.



Cask Number: 32

ABV: 55.1%

Cask Type: 2nd Fill Sherry Butt, finished in 1st fill Calvados Cask

Bottles: 254

Colour: Saffron Yellow

Nose: You’d expect apple but this is almost overwhelming, from opening the bottle to the first pour the air is filled with the scent of somewhat Granny Smith apple. Once the apple has had its way, it disappears to leave a surprisingly light, white floral note with a touch of barley sugar.Palate: Again apple, but this time caramelised in butter and served with toffee, delightfully sweet, thankfully with a refreshing quince- like tartness and a touch of red spice.

Finish: A brief, powerful explosion of anise, crunchy apple and oak that develops into a long, clean earthy finish that linger peculiarly at the back of the palate, tickling the throat.



Cask Number: 150

ABV: 53.1%

Cask Type: Refill Bourbon Hogshead, finished in 1st Fill White Port Cask

Bottles: 178

Colour: Golden Caramel

Nose: A strong start with sweet, golden barley maturing to toasted caramel, dried berries and cacao with a hint of cut grass. within moments everything reaches synchronicity leaving you with rich notes of freshly sawn oak.

Palate: Golden syrup leaps forward filling the mouth with slight astringent notes of oak. There’s a brief, glorious, almost overwhelming sensation of oily vanilla that eases into toastedoats, red apple and toffee. A simple yet intensely satisfying experience.

Finish: Honey gathering in the cheeks and light cacao on the tongue, combing and melting gently into long, comforting oak and milk chocolate.



Cask Number: 137

ABV: 56.7%

Cask Type: Refill Bourbon Hogshead, finished in 1st fill Palo Cortado

Bottles: 319

Colour: Chinese Jasmine

Nose: Dry spirits and eye watering pear drops leap to the front before it calms to sweet oak and a hint of, weirdly, Oloroso sherry.

Palate: Delicate oak sweeping instantly into rich chocolate and vanilla with an indefinable floral note hiding behind the vanilla. A touch of salty peanuts. There’s a gentle sensation almost an effervescence that wakes up the senses, it’s playful and fun.

Finish: This is a complex and lingering finish, the start is short but wonderfully powerful spice, pepper and liquorice with bitter oak. Honey and spice linger after everything else fades before they too drift off to allow a brief yet powerful resurgence of liquorice, gentian and honey.



Cask Number: 95

ABV: 54.1%

Cask Type: Refill Bourbon Hogshead, finished in 1st Fill Malvasia Madeira

Bottles: 274

Colour: Translucent Yellow Lemon

Nose: Honeyed sherry notes to start leading you to subtle vanilla with a gentle overlay of palm sugar maturing swiftly to cacao. A touch of sea salt and prune compote.

Palate: Complex and dry there’s liquorice with just a touch of linseed oil hiding behind it. Crisp and clean the flavours disappear quickly only to reemerge after a brief second for a big finish of rum’n’raisins. Great viscosity.

Finish: This whisky is all about the finish, there are tannins pulling in the cheeks, sweet black pepper and a hint of good sherry all belying the relatively sedate palate. The flavours grow until your mouth is filled with honey and plum brandy long after the dram is done. A grower not a shower.

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