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Neu: Glasgow 1770 mit neuem, experimentellen Whisky-Trio zum Frühjahr

Die Glasgower Destillerie bringt drei neue Abfüllungen in Fassstärke und mit speziellen Finishes: Tequila, Calvados und Manzanilla Sherry

Drei neue, am Frühling orientierte Abfüllungen in kleiner Auflage und mit nicht alltäglichen Finishes sind ab sofort im Webshop der Glasgow 1770 Distillery zu je 59 Pfund erhältlich: Der Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish, der Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish und der Glasgow 1770 Manzanila Sherry Cask Finish.

Mehr Einzelheiten zu den Flaschen mit Auflagen zwischen 270 und 813 Flaschen untenstehend:

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The distillery that brought single malt whisky production back to Glasgow has broadened its experimental Small Batch Series with a trio of new single malt scotch whiskies specially curated for spring, showcasing notes of orchard fruits and fresh citrus.

The Glasgow Distillery’s three new releases include its first bottlings using Calvados and Manzanilla Sherry casks, as well as revisiting Tequila cask maturation, this time with its triple distilled whisky.

Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish, Glasgow 1770 Manzanilla Sherry Cask and Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish are part of the distillery’s Small Batch Series – an ongoing set of bottlings that demonstrate the versatility of the three whisky making styles produced bythe contemporary urban distillery with a wide range of new and intriguing cask maturations.

Mike Hayward, co-founder of The Glasgow Distillery, commented:

“Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish marks our first venture into Calvados finishing, using a cask that had previously been used for maturing the traditional apple-based French brandy that is produced in the Normandy region of France, oflering notes of fresh green apples, poached pears, and baked apple pie.

“Our previous bottling of double distilled spirit finished in a Tequila Cask was so popular that we decided to go one step further, finishing our lighter and more delicate triple distilled whisky style in a Tequila Cask, resulting in a whisky packed with notes of rich honey, lemon and lime citrus, and honeydew melon.

“Finally, we have our first Manzanilla Sherry Cask matured single malt, a lusciously complex whisky with notes of saline smoke, tropical papaya, and rich plum. The whisky comes from a single cask which has spent over five years maturing in a Manzanilla Sherry Butt from a bodega in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, an area of Spain famed for its unique climate and production methods. This cask previously held our peated double distilled new make spirit, contributing a touch of smoke which marries perfectly with saline honey and floral chamomile notes gained from the Manzanilla.”

Mike Hayward, co-founder of The Glasgow Distillery

Housed in the distillery’s signature industrial bottles, Glasgow 1770 Tequila Cask Finish has been bottled at 55.3% ABV with 272 bottles available. Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish is available at 58.7% ABV with a limited run of 270 bottles, Glasgow 1770 Manzanila Sherry Cask is available at 59% ABV with 813 bottles.

All releases are available on The Glasgow Distillery website and in specialist retailers across the UK, with an RRP of £59.00. Additionally, the Manzanilla release will be available in select retailers across South Korea, Germany, The Netherlands and Poland.

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