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PR: BenRiach Cask Bottling Batch 15 vorstellt

Insgesamt 17 Abfüllungen mit ungetorftem und getorften Whisky

Die Speyside Brennerei BenRiach stellt die 15te Ausgabe ihrer Cask Bottling Reihe vor. Dieses BenRiach Cask Bottling Batch 15 umfasst insgesamt 17 Fässer, welche in Fassstärke und ungefärbt abgefüllt wurden: 11 mit ungetorftem Whisky und 6 sogenannte Highland peated. Bei den verwendeten Fässern bietet BenRiach eine recht bunte und vielfältige Mischung. Hier fanden Port Pipes, Moscatel Hogsheads, Sauternes Barriques, Rum Barrels and Virgin Oak Fässer Verwendung.

Neun dieser Einzelfassabfüllungen sind für den europäischen Markt vorgesehen, die restlichen Acht werden in Asien, Australien, Neuseeland und Kanada angeboten. Tasting Notes zu den in Europa erhältlichen Bottlings finden Sie am Ende der englischsprachigen Presseaussendung:

Introducing BenRiach Cask Bottling Batch 15

Continuing its journey pushing the boundaries of malt alchemy, BenRiach distillery has released Batch 15 of its cask bottling programme.

BenRiach holds some of the most experimental casks in Speyside, making it uniquely placed to offer a multi-faceted range of casks in both unpeated and Highland peated styles. Each year, Master Blender Rachel Barrie selects a number of distinct casks which celebrate the distillery’s creative distilling and maturation heritage. Batch 15 includes 17 casks: 11 unpeated and 6 Highland peated – an eclectic mix including port pipes, moscatel hogsheads, sauternes barriques, rum barrels and virgin oak. Each bottle is filled exclusively from one of these individual casks.

Announcing the release of BenRiach Cask Bottling Release – Batch 15, BenRiach Distillery Master Blender Rachel Barrie, said:

“Batch 15 provides a rare opportunity to explore the many facets of BenRiach maturation in one batch, something us whisky makers are lucky to do every day. From the sweet side of Marsala wood to the exotic fruity side of Rum and the barbecued smokiness of charred American Virgin oak, there is a cask to suit every whisky lover’s palate. Now’s the time to explore, take your pick and find the cask you most enjoy!”

BenRiach Cask Bottling Release – Batch 15 is available to purchase from specialist retailers from April in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
Europe: Casks 6898, 7859, 7610, 3071, 3236, 5807, 7722, 8731 and 2048 are available in your region.
Depending on the expression the ABV ranges from 53.1% to 61.7%, and is always non-chill filtered and of natural colour.


1991 CASK #6898
Aged 26 years
Burgundy Barrique
Appearance: Ruby-tawny gold.
Nose: A wine cellar with red grape must and fragrant armagnac-like top notes on a base of walnut skins and earthy dunnage floors.
Palate: Mellow figs and ripe apricots develop into red grape candy tempered by traces of treacle and butterscotch.
ABV: 49.4%

1997 CASK #7859
Aged 20 years
Virgin Oak Hogshead
Appearance: Bright orange.
Nose: Candied orange, cherry lips and wine gums with traces of sugared blackberry and sweet caramelised oak.
Palate: Baked pear and sweet fruity oak progress to bramble apple and cherry pie with stone fruit into the finish.
ABV: 53.1%

2007 CASK #7610
Aged 11 years
Peated / Rum Barrel
Appearance: Chablis.
Nose: Jamaican rum truffles with cocoa beans, coconut milk and chocolate cake, intermingled with cream and star anise.
Palate: Pina colada with cocoa beans, rum and raisin ice cream and iced cappuccino leaving rum-laced espresso into the finish.
ABV: 59.5%

2007 CASK #3071
Aged 10 years
Peated / Oloroso Sherry Butt
Appearance: Bright gold.
Nose: Smoky bacon rind and apple in chestnut stuffing with black peppercorn and traces of butterscotch.
Palate: Baked apple and sourdough cake progress into peppered butterscotch lingering into the savoury finish.
ABV: 58.3%

2007 CASK #3236
Aged 10 years
Oloroso Sherry Butt
Appearance: Deep amber – copper.
Nose: Apple and almond frangipane with a twist of orange peel served with crème-brûlée.
Palate: Armagnac appears mid-palate bringing macerated white fruits and plums with ground nutmeg and traces of soft new leather.
ABV: 58.5%

2008 CASK #5807
Aged 10 years
Sauternes Barrique
Appearance: Dark golden syrup.
Nose: A patisserie of honey-glazed apple and baked peach in crèmecaramel.
Palate: Sweet honeyed peach with coconut cream developing into candy floss and apricot fruit tarts.
ABV: 59.7%

2007 CASK #7722
Aged 10 years
Peated / Virgin Oak Hogshead
Appearance: Deep orange sunset.
Nose: Barbequed banana and roasted apple coated in dark chocolate and treacle toffee with warm spiced oak.
Palate: Smoked applewood and toasted eucalyptus becoming peppercorn and dried banana, leaving a spicy liquorice and fennel finish.
ABV: 57.1%

2007 CASK #8731
Aged 10 years
Moscatel Hogshead
Appearance: Sparkling gold.
Nose: Mellow and soft with butterscotch and honey, with the ripe fruitiness of candied grape.
Palate: Sweet and fruity with mouthwatering honey and lemon toddies progressing into a lingering Calvados finish.
ABV: 59.2%

2008 CASK #2048
Aged 9 years
Peated / Port Pipe
Appearance: Deep ruby.
Nose: Smoked mint and blackcurrant on a forest campfire of cassia bark and orris root, with hog roast served with bramley apple sauce.
Palate: Grilled red grape smothered in olive oil with smoked angelica and star anise, progressing to a charred apple and maple finish.
ABV: 61.7%

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