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PR: Lagg Distillery hat bereits 600 der 700 Fässer im Cask Programm verkauft

Mit dem Verkauf von Fässern konnte man die Verkaufszahlen des Unternehmens um 62% steigern...

Die Isle of Arran Distillers freuen sich über den Erfolg des Fassverkaufprogramms der Lagg Distillery im Süden der Insel – man steigerte auf mit dessen Hilfe die Verkaufszahlen der Destillerien um 62 Prozent. Noch etwas weniger als 100 der Fässer sind in dem Programm erhältlich, und wie man zu so einem Fass der (ausschließlich getorften Whisky produzierenden) Brennerei auf Arran kommt, finden Sie in der nachfolgenden Pressemitteilung:

Isle of Arran Distillers celebrate growth alongside continued sales of new Lagg Distillery casks

The Isle of Arran Distillers is nearing the end of their newest distillery’s cask sales programme, with increasing demand in casks of Lagg Single Malt meaning there is only a small selection remaining to purchase.

Since opening their second site on the Isle of Arran last year, Lagg Distillery, the distillers have been offering whisky fans the opportunity to be part of their uniquely exciting whisky story by purchasing the first casks of the single malt whisky produced there.

The programme has driven exceptional growth in the independently owned distillers, with total sales across the company increasing by 62%, in part due to the fact that over 600 casks of Lagg Single Malt have been sold from the allocation of 700. Alongside this, the island distillers have also seen online mail order sales of whisky double during this turbulent year.

Owning a cask of Lagg whisky, which will mature into Lagg Single Malt and eventually be available to bottle, means the owner will become part of the exclusive Lagg Cask Society.

This comes with some unique additional benefits, including a golf pass which entitles the owner to play all of Arran’s courses and the gift of a bottle of whisky from Cask Number One when it is bottled at 10 years-old, which is being specially held aside for cask owners.

The opening of Lagg Distillery, the company’s second site on the island, last year was a significant milestone in the island’s unique whisky story. Its distinctive shape is now a fixture on the island’s Southern coastline, bringing distillation back to its traditional heartland in that area of the Isle of Arran.

The spirit produced there, and available to purchase in casks, is expected to mature into the rich, earthy, smoky, Lagg Single Malt which will be very different in character to what the distillers currently produce at their original distillery in Lochranza.

Director of Operations & Production for Lagg Distillery, James MacTaggart said:

Since we opened Lagg Distillery in 2019, we’ve been delighted to see how many whisky fans have already supported our journey by buying a cask and becoming part of our unique Lagg Cask Society.

“It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved with a distillery right at the very start of its story and to share in a brand-new island adventure with our pioneering whisky company.

“Purchasing a cask goes much deeper than just the financial benefits and represents an emotional investment, buying into the passionate people on the Isle of Arran that make our whisky and forming a lasting connection – it’s hard to put a price tag on that.”

When purchasing any cask of whisky, it is not a finished product but instead a work in progress that will mature over the coming years with plenty of patience required. The very nature of Scotch whisky means that it takes a long-term view, with spirit having to mature for at least three years and often aging much longer than that.

For further information on how to purchase the last remaining casks to be filled at the Lagg Distillery and becoming a member of the Lagg Cask Society, visit

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