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PR: Talisker hilft mit, eine Milliarde Austern zurück an die Küste New Yorks zu bringen

Bei dem Projekt werden Austernschalen recycelt und neue Austern im Meer angesiedelt

Manchmal spielen PR-Aktionen mit Lifestyle. Manchmal mit einem außergewöhnlichen Objekt oder Talent, das zur Marke passt und Aufmerksamkeit generiert. Manchmal widmet man sich einem guten Zweck – und das tut Talisker mir seiner Beteiligung am „Billion Oyster Project„, das die Wiederansiedlung einer Milliarde Austern an der Küste New Yorks bewerkstelligen will. Das schlägt dann gleich drei Fliegen mit einer Klappe: Es erzeugt Aufmerksamkeit, ist stimmig mit dem Markenkern und tut etwas Gutes. Und über so eine Aktion berichten wir besonders gerne:

Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky Announces Partnership with Billion Oyster Project to Help Bring One Billion Oysters Back to New York City’s Shoreline

The nonprofit and Single Malt Scotch Whisky join forces as the citywide shell recycling program re-launches to celebrate National Oyster Day

NEW YORK, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ahead of National Oyster Day on August 5th, Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky announces their partnership with Billion Oyster Project – the New York City-based oyster reef restoration and public education nonprofit organization. Through the partnership, which began in January 2020, Talisker supports the Billion Oyster Project’s signature Shell Collection Program, along with funding and sponsorship of community events. The Shell Collection Program was temporarily suspended in March following COVID-19 related restaurant closures, but will relaunch this August. In a typical year, the shell collection program diverts more than 400,000 pounds of oyster shell collected from 75+ NYC restaurants from landfills to be reused to build oyster reef habitat. This year, the shell collection program plans to divert approximately 200,000 pounds of oyster shells.

Made by the sea on Scotland’s strikingly beautiful Isle of Skye, the Talisker distillery is battered by wind and waves on the rugged coastline where oysters are locally farmed & enjoyed. The waters from the nearby sea create the Single Malt’s signature maritime and briny notes – making Talisker and oyster pairings a local favorite. As an homage to the Single Malt’s home by the sea and deep-rooted love for oysters, Talisker is proud to play an active role in helping Billion Oyster Project restore one billion oysters to New York City waters.

The Shell Collection Program is a cornerstone of Billion Oyster Project’s work. Oyster shells provide the base material for oyster reefs, which provide a home for young oysters and hundreds of species in New York Harbor. As restaurants adapt to socially-distanced operations and invite diners back into their spaces, Talisker’s sponsorship of the Shell Collection program will allow the recycling process of this necessary resource to resume. Together, Talisker and Billion Oyster Project will continue to make an impact on New York City’s oyster restoration efforts.

To date, Billion Oyster Project’s Shell Collection Program has:

  • Collected over 1,600,000 pounds of used oyster shells
  • Planted more than 45,000,000 oysters in New York City waters
  • Hosted more than 10,000 volunteers across various community projects
  • Installed 14 oyster reefs across more than 7 acres
  • This summer, Billion Oyster Project will deploy over 500,000 pounds of oyster shells and 30 million oysters set on shells within 200 gabion reef structures at the mouth of the Bronx River in Soundview. This project alone has more than doubled their restoration impact in New York Harbor.

„We are so thankful to have Talisker’s support of the Billion Oyster Project’s Shell Collection Program,“ says Madeline Wachtel, Deputy Director at Billion Oyster Project. „Not only are they helping us collect valuable would-be discarded shells to grow our reefs, but Talisker is also working with us to educate the public on why it’s so important to steward our local waterways.“    

This National Oyster Day (8/5), bivalve fans can celebrate and show support at a virtual event hosted by Billion Oyster Project and Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky – as part of the beloved Oyster Social series. These now-online events provide simple instructions on how to shuck, cook and serve oysters and Talisker at home while spotlighting local NYC restaurants and the importance of stewarding your local waterway. The socials are open to those 21+ across the country. To purchase tickets to an online social, please click here.

„For Talisker, the sea is at the heart of what we do, from the flavors of our whisky to the place we call home,“ says Jamie Young, Director of Single Malts for Diageo North America. „We are thrilled to be a small part of the great work Billion Oyster Project is doing to protect this important resource and restore the rich ecosystem of New York Harbor for the next generation.“

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