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Big Peat: Eine Einzelflasche für die Ukraine mit 99% Port Ellen Single Malt zu gewinnen – Spenden erbeten

Die ultra-rare Abfüllung wird bis 31. Mai verlost - Spenden für die Ukraine schon bei 3.000 Pfund

Eine ganz besondere Aktion mit einem ganz besonderen Whisky hat sich Douglas Laing für die Ukrainehilfe einfallen lassen: Bis 31. Mai können Sie gratis an einem Gewinnspiel um einen Big Peat „A Unique One of One Bottle for Ukraine 2022“, der zu 99% aus Single Malt der Port Ellen Distillery besteht und mit 48,1% vol. abgefüllt wurde, teilnehmen – eine Spende von 5 Pfund an die Ukrainehilfe (Disaster Emergency Committee’s Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal) ist dabei erbeten (und unserer Meinung nach Ehrensache).

Alle Infos, wie Sie mitmachen können und mehr zur Flasche in der nachfolgenden Presseaussendung:

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Douglas Laing’s flagship Islay Malt Scotch Whisky brand, Big Peat, has produced an “extremely rare” one of one bottle for Ukraine 2022.

Containing a “unique” marriage of Islay Single Malts – 99% of the content being from the now-closed Port Ellen Distillery – those interested in winning this rare bottle are invited to donate £5 to Big Peat’s free raffle via Douglas Laing’s website ( Donations opened on 26th April 2022 and to date, have surpassed £3,000.00. Big Peat will continue to collect donations until 31st May 2022, at which point Douglas Laing & Co will take the names of all donors and enter them into a free raffle – selecting a winner at random. All proceeds will be donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal, who provide essential food, water, shelter and medical assistance to support families fleeing conflict.

The bottle is presented in Ukrainian blue and yellow colourways, with premium print finishes and a yellow wax dip seal. Big Peat’s iconic, earthy-coloured artwork has been muted to grey in the background as a symbol of “respect” and “solidarity”. Beneath the cork capsule, the spirit inside is said to reveal notes of “warm sand, phenols and peated barley balanced by a caramel sweetness” and is offered at 48.1% alcohol strength, without colouring or chill-filtration – adhering the Douglas Laing family’s “as natural as it gets” ethos.

Commenting on Big Peat’s free raffle, Cara Laing, Marketing Director said:

“The Douglas Laing team have been watching the humanitarian disaster in Ukraine and wanted to do something to help. We tasked Fred Laing with creating a very special bottling (just one bottle) of Big Peat containing particularly rare and old Single Malts – 99% of which are from the legendary Port Ellen Distillery. We now hope Whisky enthusiasts are excited by both the exceptional spirit and the chance to help our friends in Ukraine.”

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