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Bruichladdich stellt ihre Fèis Ìle Abfüllungen vor

Zum diesjährigen Fèis Ìle und dem Rock'ndaal-Festival veröffentlicht Bruichladdich Rock’ndaal 01.1 und 01.2

Rock’ndaal 01.1 und Rock’ndaal 01.2 heißen die Abfüllungen, die die Brennerei Bruichladdich zum wieder stattfindenden Islay Festival und zum Rock’ndaal veröffentlicht.
Alle Informationen zu diesen Bottlings und wie Sie eine erwerben können, finden Sie in der englischprachigen News, die wir erhalten haben:

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Festival Releases: Rock’ndaal 01.1 and 01.2

To celebrate the return of Fèis Ìle and our Rock’ndaal festival 2022, we are delighted to release two limited edition bottlings. Each is unique; together they play out alternative visions of assemblage and cask influence on our signature spirits.

Rock’ndaal 01.1

The first of the two releases, this is a vatting of Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore from several different vintages.

100% Islay-grown barley and bourbon-matured, it is a classic, unplugged single malt, that exposes the DNA of our spirits in all their elegance and complexity

Rock’ndaal 01.2

Rock’ndaal 01.2 is the counterpart to 01.1; again uniting vintages of Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore but with the powerful influence of five different cask types from Europe’s finest wine and sherry producers.

This electric fusion creates a deep and spicy single malt that’s rich and flavourful. The dark to 01.1’s light.

How to Get Them

Each release is limited to 2,500 bottles and will be available to purchase in our distillery courtyard on festival day, Sunday 29th May, and online through a dedicated ballot platform. Find FAQs about the ballot process here ballot FAQs; please note, festival releases cannot be shipped to all destinations. For further details see shipping and delivery information.

Don’t forget you can join us online for festival day and we will announce the ballot opening during our live broadcast.

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