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Gordon & MacPhail veröffentlicht Recollection Series – Seltene Whiskys aus geschlossenen schottischen Destillerien

Die ersten drei in dieser Serie abgefüllten Fässer kommen aus den Destillerien St. Magdalene, Glen Mhor und Lochside

Whisky-Spezialist Gordon & MacPhail stellt mit seiner Recollection Series eine neue jährliche Serie von Einzelfass-Veröffentlichungen vor, in der seltene Whiskys längst geschlossener Brennereien in Fassstärke und ohne Kühlfiltrierung abgefüllt werde. Die ersten drei Bottlings sind:

  • ein 1982er Single Malt der St. Magdalene Distillery (Linlithgow)
  • ein 1982er Single Malt der Glen Mhor Distillery (Inverness)
  • ein 1981er Single Malt der Lochside Distillery (Montrose)

Alle weiteren Einzelheiten zur neuen Serie sowie zu den drei Abfüllungen finden Sie in der englischsprachigen Pressemitteilung, die wir heute erhielten:

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Gordon & MacPhail is unveiling a collection of exceptionally rare whiskies from closed distilleries across Scotland – a new annual series of single cask releases from its revered liquid library.

The ‘Recollection Series’ features a trove of whiskies from distilleries lost to the mists of time, giving enthusiasts and collectors a unique opportunity to enjoy forgotten masterpieces.

From the Private Collection range, personally selected by members of Gordon & MacPhail’s owning family, come a 1982 from St. Magdalene Distillery (Linlithgow), a 1982 from Glen Mhor Distillery (Inverness), and a 1981 from Lochside Distillery (Montrose). All whiskies are bottled at cask strength and unchillfiltered.

The whiskies, each matured in Gordon & MacPhail’s own casks, exemplify Gordon & MacPhail’s patient approach to maturation, guided by the principle that ensuring quality is always the key motivating factor.

The releases from St Magdalene, Glen Mhor and Lochside distilleries are available worldwide, with other releases in the series available in select international markets.

Stuart Urquhart, Operations Director at Gordon & MacPhail said: “We’re excited to release a series that revives and celebrates the spirit and character of these closed distilleries from across Scotland.

“Each remarkable expression is vanishingly rare and captures an unrepeatable moment in Scotland’s rich liquid heritage. Having carefully assessed the progress of each spirit down the decades, we feel now is finally the right moment to reveal these landmark single malts. We hope the annual series will excite single malt enthusiasts keen to try something different, and irreplaceable.”

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Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection 1982 from St Magdalene Distillery [RSP £2249.99/ $3499 USD]*

The 39-year-old whisky has been matured in casks #2094 – a refill American hogshead – and will be available worldwide.

ABV: 54.8%
Outturn: 165 bottles

Aroma: Baked apple aromas lead to demerara sugar and faint dried herbs. Grapefruit zest develops accompanied by white chocolate and freshly cut grass.
Taste: Dried pineapple flavours infuse with passion fruit and crystallised violet. Lemon curd comes to the fore alongside subtle icing sugar and a faint herbal edge.
Finish: White pepper and charred oak linger on the finish with citrus fruit.

About the distillery: Built in the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow in the mid-18th century by Sebastian Henderson who rented the lands of St. Magdalene’s Cross Convent from the Countess of Dalhousie to build the distillery. The operation of St Magdalene throughout the 20th century, though the distillery became one of nine permanently closed by the company in 1983. The distillery was renovated into residential flats in the early 1990s, though its malting barn and kiln, which are registered as C Grade listed buildings, remain.

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection 1982 from Glen Mhor Distillery [RSP £2249.99/ $3499 USD]*

The 40-year-old Glen Mhor whisky has been matured in a refill Sherry hogshead and will be available worldwide.

ABV: 50.8%
Outturn: 174 bottles

Aroma: Rich Sherry influences with toasted hazelnuts and subtle milk chocolate. Morello cherry notes develop alongside sweet treacle toffee.
Taste: Intense stewed fruit leads to pressed apple and demerara sugar. Raspberry compote combines with soft white pepper and a hint of dried tobacco.
Finish: A full finish with citrus and summer fruit.

About the distillery: Designed by Charles Doig, the distillery was built in in 1892 by John Birnie and Charles Mackinlay. Unusually, the Highland based distillery remained water-powered until the 1950s and had Saladin maltings installed in 1954. It was eventually demolished in 1986.

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection 1981 from Lochside Distillery [RSP £3199.99/ $4999 USD]*

The 40-year-old whisky has been matured in a refill Sherry hogshead and will be available across worldwide markets.

ABV: 49.2%
Outturn: 141 bottles

Aroma: Rich Sherry aromas complement fragrant mandarin peel. Salted almonds come to the fore with raspberry compote and faint malted biscuit.
Taste: Roasted coffee beans lead to walnuts and stewed raisins. Blackcurrant jam accompanies Seville orange peel and red apple.
Finish: A long finish with lingering hazelnuts and cocoa powder.

About the distillery: Lochside was a brewery from 1786 until its closure in 1957. It incorporated a white tower – a classic German brauhaus design – that was reinterpreted by Charles Doig in 1899. The site was then purchased with the new owner installing a Coffey and he set about installing a Coffey still, swiftly followed by four pot stills in 1961. The Coffey still was decommissioned and the distillery ran until the early 1990s before it was finally closed and sold to developers before being demolished in 2005. 

*Prices in international markets may vary due to local taxes and import duties.

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