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Neu bei Bruichladdich: Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2013

Der neue Islay Barley kommt in absehbarer Zeit natürlich auch in den deutschen Handel - im Artikel die Tasting Notes von Adam Hannett

Ab sofort kann man im Webshop bei Bruichladdich die neueste Version des Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2013 beziehen, zum Preis von 60 Pfund. Er wurde mit Gerste aus der Ernte 2012 gebrannt, von den Farmern Hunter Jackson bei Cruach, Andrew und Donald Jones bei Coull, Mark French bei Rockside, Ian McKerrell bei Island, Alistair Torrance bei Mulindry, Raymond Fletcher bei Dunlossit und Raymond Stewart bei Sunderland.

Der Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2013 reifte acht Jahre land in 75% first fill Fässern aus amerikanischer Eiche und 25% Weinfässern. Wie üblich ist er mit 50% vol. abgefüllt.

Natürlich wird die Abfüllung auch in absehbarer Zeit in Deutschland erhältlich sein, wenn es dann soweit ist, werden wir Sie gesondert informieren. Hier aber schon einmal die originalen Tasting Notes von Master Distiller Adam Hannett:

Colour – Apricot.

Taste – The oak cradles the soft fruit of distillation with a perfect balance and harmony. The delicate sweetness and luscious texture are like velvet on the palate. The balance of those sweet ripe stoned fruit flavours with the vanilla, caramel and brown sugar notes of the oak is perfect, this vintage of Islay barley is bottled at just the right moment to capture the DNA of our island and the whisky we distil on its shores. Add a touch of water and watch as the natural oils react in the glass releasing wonderful floral notes of hawthorn and heather to add to the complexity and depth of this remarkable Ileach.

Nose – This is stunning on the nose. The freshness and purity of the spirit is striking. A kaleidoscope of vibrant aromas pour from the glass, first, citrus and honey notes emerge before stoned fruit, dried apricot, and the perfume of ripe peaches. Sweet notes of marzipan, yellow flowers, vanilla pods, and then zephyrs of spice, cereal, and marine breeze. With time the oak notes elevate as the vanilla, Crème-Brulee, caramel and wood spices come to the fore. Then gentle hints of cinnamon and ginger cake and syrup add to the anticipation of tasting.

Finish – The finish is a testament to the quality of distillation. As the expression of that marine tang with the sweet citrus and honeyed oaked notes tells the story of our whisky and where it comes from. Natural whisky with no chill filtration means you will experience as long and gentle a finish as you ever thought possible.

Character – Taking your time to explore this dram will not leave you disappointed, the wonderful, complexity and honesty of this whisky is a joy to behold, its purity and freshness, its delicate oak sweetness and expression of fruit and gentle floral tones make it a vintage to remember. In fact, it may well be unforgettable.

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