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Neu: Bruichladdich 1988/30 „The Untouchable“

In diesem Whisky sind die letzten Fässer der Destillerie aus dem Jahr 1988

Ein neuer Bruichladdich aus der Untouchable-Serie wird im November zu den bereits erschienenen Ausgaben aus den Jahren ’84, ’85 und ’86 hinzukommen: Der Bruichladdich 1988/30, ein 30 Jahre alter Whisky aus den Beständen der Destillerie, die vor der Wiedereröffnung gebrannt wurden – sie stellen die allerletzten Fässer aus dem Jahr 1988 dar.

6000 Flaschen wurden in Fassstärke (46.2% vol. alk.) abgefüllt, der Preis nach Kontaktaufnahme per email von Bruichladdich mit 750 Pfund angegeben – danke an Dimitri und Holger für die Info). Der Whisky stammt aus refill hogsheads und squat hogsheads und ist ungetorft.

Hier die Angaben von der Webseite:

This landmark 1988 vintage has never been re-casked. It has matured over 30 years in our warehouses in the same wood it was originally filled into – refill bourbon and, unusually, rare refill squat hogsheads. The subtle influence of these refill oak casks has resulted in a delicate and measured relationship between spirit and wood, quietly cultivated over time. It was always understood that this small parcel of casks required no interference, no guiding hand; just a watchful eye and palate to see it through. It is definitive, old, Bourbon-aged Bruichladdich – some of the last of its kind.


Colour – A rich orange blossom honey.

Aroma – Initially sweet red fruit – cherry, strawberry then dried fruit – raisin, date and apricot syrup. Candied orange peel and lemon balm. Through the fruit comes chocolate, toasted oak, roasted hazelnuts, and a briny note like salted honey. The boiled sweet notes of strawberry and orange are constant and the toasted oak gives depth to the nose.

Taste – After the luscious notes on the nose this is surprisingly light and elegant on the palate. The soft texture holds a depth of flavour, again dominated by boiled sweet style fruit but the French oak gives structure and balance with its tannins. There is roasted coffee, amaretto, apricot, and toasted malty bread show the presence and depth in the oak.

Finish – Chocolate, amaretto, a hint of spicy clove then rose petal come through as the fruit fades. Last is the wonderful note of toasted oak, gentle yet firm on the palate.

Character – Reflective. Writing this taste note has taken time as I waited for this whisky to reveal its delicate notes. Sitting looking out on the shore of Lochindaal watching the waves gently lap on the sand as the sun casts its morning glow over the hills was the perfect way to appreciate the subtlety and depth in this whisky. Peace and solitude allow this dram to shine.


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